• July 24, 2024

Neglected and Struggling: Innocent Puppy Faces Starvation and Dehydration, Bound to an Old Tire in the Rain

These images were posted by the rescue team, who were alerted to the scene. It was a narrow road congested with litter and refuse, where a small dog was found chained.

“I can hardly express the emotions that overwhelmed me in that instant! The dog is incredibly endearing. There is evidence of his presence with excrement, indicating he has endured being tethered here for several days!”

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After the removal of the chain, he is now in a secure and protected environment. Due to his dire state, he was immediately taken to the veterinary clinic for thorough examination and treatment.

Armor’s condition is extremely distressing. The medical professionals had to conduct a blood test to assess his health and screen for any illnesses. They promptly rehydrated him and provided support to help him regain strength, as his energy levels were severely depleted. Armor has been afflicted by severe weakness, fungal infections, and scabies, which have significantly compromised his well-being.

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After 7 days, encouraging signs of improvement have emerged for Armor! The skin problem was effectively managed through thorough cleansing and appropriate medication.

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Armor’s demeanor has noticeably transformed, displaying greater happiness and sociability compared to before! While it remains uncertain whether he has fully overcome his past traumas, it is evident that Armor still requires ongoing veterinary care and attention.

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Fortunately, he regained the ability to nourish himself thereafter! He is now consuming food voraciously to compensate for the days when he was on the brink of starvation.

Prepare to be amazed, as I present to you a photograph of Armor taken over a month since his rescue!

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Adding to the astonishment, Armor found a loving home after the rescue team shared his information. After spending two months in his new abode, Armor has settled in remarkably well! Now, as the young boy has grown into an adult, their bond continues to strengthen.

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Reflecting on Armor’s incredible journey, my heartfelt wishes go out to him for a life filled with joy and happiness!



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