• July 24, 2024

Messi, the individual who believed he was merely 1.4 meters in height, transformed into a 1.7-meter player with “monumental” muscles.

From the boy experiencing growth hormone deficiency

Lionel Messi once candidly shared his challenging journey, from being an ordinary boy in Rosario to achieving stardom in Barcelona, in an article published in the Telegraph a few years ago. His passion for football was immense, but the sport demanded exceptional physical attributes and numerous other skills.

Ironically, right from the outset, Messi encountered a hurdle in terms of his physical fitness. He recounted, “At the age of 11, the doctor diagnosed me with a growth hormone deficiency, necessitating treatment for normal development. Every night, I endured the insertion of needles into my leg, night after night, relentlessly, for a continuous period of 3 years. In comparison to my peers, I appeared significantly smaller. I consistently stood out as the shortest student in my class.”

To address this condition, Messi’s family allocated around $1,500 USD (equivalent to more than 33 million VND) monthly for his treatment. The doctor explained that without proper medication, the iconic player would have only reached a height of approximately 1.4 meters, yet he stands tall at 1.7 meters today. While this may still be considered modest when compared to his colleagues, Messi astounds those around him with his exceptional dribbling skills and goal-scoring ability, earning their admiration.


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Messi’s arms, well-defined and muscular.

Up until the athlete with a robust physique

Messi’s current physicality is not solely determined by genetic factors, but rather by his unwavering dedication to training, which has contributed to his present success. Players employ two training modes:

Firstly, there is a regimen focused on immediate acceleration and linear speed. Messi incorporates a variety of exercises such as squats, jump rope, hurdle jumps, sprints, and treadmill jogging. These exercises enhance the flexibility and endurance of his legs, enabling the diminutive player to excel on the field.

Secondly, Messi engages in multidirectional movements. He practices kicking, cable pulls, leg weights, and engages in 10-minute jogging sessions. Apart from intense training, he also partakes in yoga classes to promote mental relaxation and bodily harmony.


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Messi’s physique is devoid of any surplus fat.

During his early days at La Masia academy, the renowned training center for young football players of Barcelona, Messi, known as “La Pulga Atómica” (The Atomic Flea), frequently experienced fatigue and struggled to keep up with his teammates. Despite his weakness, Messi tirelessly pushed himself, resulting in exhaustion. To overcome this challenge, the determined player intensified his gym workouts, incorporated dietary supplements, and diligently adhered to the academy’s physical development program.

Inspired by his idol, Brazilian legend Ronaldinho, Messi often accompanied senior players to the gym. Under Ronaldinho’s guidance, he learned numerous effective exercises that he continues to follow to this day. Messi’s dedication is unwavering, as he practices almost every day without taking breaks.

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In addition to rigorous training, Messi also incorporates a scientific diet, particularly in the crucial period leading up to a match.

Within the 10 days prior to a football match, Messi follows a high-starch menu, complemented with protein three times a day, and ensures he drinks an ample amount of water.

As the match approaches, around five days prior, Messi adds a bowl of vegetable soup to each meal. This soup contains ingredients like turmeric, chili, coriander, and ginger, which aid in improving blood circulation.

On the day before the match, Messi includes an afternoon snack consisting mainly of fish, shrimp, chicken, boiled potatoes, green vegetables, and fruits. Six hours before the game, Messi prioritizes restful sleep instead of waking up to eat, abstaining from starch during this period. Approximately 90 minutes before kickoff, he prefers to consume fiber-rich fruits such as bananas, mangoes, apples, which have low sugar content.

A colleague mentioned that success did not come effortlessly to Messi, as he had to exert more effort than others. It is through these training secrets and dietary practices that Messi has achieved such exceptional physical strength.

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The image of Messi during his physical training sessions.

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He engages in jumping over obstacles as a means to strengthen his legs.

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