• July 23, 2024

Nicolas Otamendi expresses his gratitude to Lionel Messi by getting a tattoo of him, commemorating Messi’s instrumental role in saving him during the final against France and celebrating Argentina’s World Cup triumph. Additionally, Otamendi has adorned his body with tattoos of other Argentine players.

Lionel Messi expresses his gratitude to his Argentine teammate, Nicolas Otamendi, after the center-back revealed on social media that he has commissioned a special tattoo to commemorate their shared moment of glory at the World Cup.

Otamendi, who played every minute of every game for Argentina in Qatar, unveiled the latest addition to his extensive collection of body art on Instagram: a large depiction of Messi touching the World Cup for the first time after the Albiceleste’s thrilling penalty victory over France in the final.

Alongside the three words, “Enthusiasm, Conviction, and Ambition,” the accompanying script beneath reads: “How are they going to tell me that magic doesn’t exist?”, along with the date of the final in Lusail.


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Otamendi shared a video showcasing the completion of his abdominal tattoo, which also includes artwork representing the two other trophies Argentina has won in recent years, the FIFA World Cup and the Copa America.

Messi then reposted the video on his own Instagram account and wrote, “I’ve seen a lot of spectacular things that were made of me about the [World] Cup, but the fact that a colleague, a friend like Nicolas Otamendi gets this tattoo is something more than special.”

The 35-year-old defender quickly responded with heartfelt gratitude, adding, “The things you’ve seen are nothing compared to the things we see when playing alongside you. You are not only a representation of our entire country, but also the history of this sport. I love you, my friend.”


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Otamendi chooses to immortalize Argentina’s World Cup success with a Messi tattoo

Otamendi is not the only Argentine player to commemorate their World Cup triumph through tattoos, as several other squad members have opted to embellish their bodies with inked reminders of their exceptional achievement.

Angel Di Maria wasted no time, getting a large tattoo of the World Cup on his right knee, accompanied by three stars representing each World Cup success, the Sun of May from the country’s flag, and a snippet of the Lusail Stadium’s architecture, all inked less than a week after the final.

Leandro Paredes opted for a straightforward approach, adding an image of the trophy to his lower body, complete with the date of the final.

Nicolas Tagliafico permanently inked an image of himself triumphantly hoisting the trophy onto his leg, which the Ajax left-back proudly unveiled a month after the tournament.

Alejandro Gomez adorned his calf with several small tattoos, including one honoring his compatriot Emiliano Martinez, the goalkeeper who made several notably heroic saves to thwart France in the World Cup final.

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Martinez himself joined in, getting a prominent depiction of the World Cup placed precisely on his leg, symbolizing the spot where he thwarted Les Bleus’ forward, Randal Kolo Muani, in the dying seconds of the match.

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According to Marca, Messi has recently added a unique World Cup tattoo to his collection, featuring a “Five of Cups” tableau on his agile left leg. The design is inspired by the Spanish deck of cards and is believed to be a symbolic celebration of the remarkable string of successes that the PSG forward has experienced with his national team over the past few years.


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