• July 25, 2024

Upon hearing the puppies’ cries emanating from the sewer, the boy leaped in without hesitation to rescue them.

According to FSRN, it is stated that if it hadn’t been for Surachet, they might not have survived as they were covered in slush, disoriented, and helpless.


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Surachet Klaevkla, a Thai resident, was walking to work one morning when he heard unusual sounds emerging from the ground. Each cry or squeak seemed to originate from the slush-covered surface. Turning his attention, he discovered movement amidst the deep slush at the base, and it was truly remarkable how gracefully they emerged.

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Moreover, the courageous Joe made up his mind to crawl through and rescue this creature, regardless of its condition!

They were none other than dogs, adorable little puppies with as many as five tails!

Initially, Joe thought they were slush-covered gems, but he quickly realized that he had stumbled upon five tiny pups in desperate need of assistance.

They were covered in slush, confused, and defenseless. If it hadn’t been for Surachet, they might not have survived.

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Surachet wasted no time and swiftly removed the grate of the sewer, exposing himself to the outdoors.

Furthermore, with great care, he gently picked up each muddy pet and carried them to a safe and dry surface.

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Nonetheless, the adorable puppies could have potentially drowned had he not arrived. It was the stormy season in Thailand, and they were completely trapped.

The poor creatures were coated from head to toe in a thick, grimy paste, and their mother was nowhere to be found.

Fortunately, they were discovered by someone who could save the day more than ever before!

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Joe welcomed all the puppies into his home, taking a day off to dedicate his time to assisting the little pets.

The entire family joined forces, aiding him in washing and cleaning the adorable pups, as well as feeding them and tucking them into bed.

To their delight, they discovered that the puppies were in excellent health!

Moreover, the irresistible charm of their adorable faces captured Surachet’s heart, strengthening his determination to find them a loving new family.


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He believed that finding forever homes for the puppies wouldn’t be too difficult, so in October 2018, he shared their rescue story on Facebook by posting flyers.

It didn’t take long for the post to become viral, garnering an abundance of praise for Surachet’s life-saving efforts and an outpouring of adoration for the adorable little darlings.

And how could anyone resist? They are simply too cute!

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The Surachet family made the deliberate choice to care for all the puppies themselves, interpreting it as a fortuitous sign.

It was not a mere coincidence that Surachet discovered himself near that opening on that particular morning, and it was not a mere coincidence that they were granted the opportunity to rescue these precious lives. They were determined to let them thrive and bring joy to the world!



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