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“Please, help me get out of here”: Dwayne Johnson expressed his strong dislike for being compared to Tom Cruise during the filming of a highly successful $428 million movie after losing the opportunity to portray Jack Reacher to him.

Dwayne Johnson, upon being informed that his running style on a film set in 2018 closely resembled that of Tom Cruise, promptly took to social media. In his message, he playfully teased his fellow actor while also firmly asserting the reasons behind his own distinct running technique, emphasizing that he has never, and will never, run like Cruise.


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In recent years, as the Mission: Impossible films continue to raise the bar of impossibility with each new installment, the iconic “Tom Cruise run” has gained increasing notoriety with each on-screen display. While the running style of the Top Gun actor has become a subject of amusement for the audience, providing lighthearted moments during Cruise’s premieres, it holds a grave significance for a particular fellow A-lister in the industry.


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Dwayne Johnson Light-heartedly Compares Running Styles with Tom Cruise

Despite the universal admiration and respect for Tom Cruise, even Dwayne Johnson couldn’t resist playfully teasing the actor about his running style in movies. During the filming of the 2018 film Rampage, Dwayne Johnson made it abundantly clear that his own running style will always be distinct from Cruise’s. He humorously presented a well-thought-out and researched argument to support his unique approach to on-screen running.


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Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)

Highlighting that “Cruise runs like 6 o’clock” resembling “an offensive player running for the end zone,” Dwayne Johnson points out that his own running style is more akin to “a defensive headhunter” with a “forward lean, long stride, arms open and pumping.” Johnson further explains:

“This running form is also known as ‘get me the heck outta here because there’s a genetically modified 50 TON BEAST that’s trying to devour me, and all I wanted to do is just go home and have tequila and waffles.'”

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One of the peculiar and endearing aspects of Hollywood is the presence of inside jokes and the willingness of A-listers to embrace them from their audience. The “Tom Cruise run” is one of those constants that never fails to elicit laughter, and Dwayne Johnson’s playful perspective on the matter assures fans that industry insiders also find delight in the same elements that captivate their audience. Moreover, publicly poking fun at Cruise may have helped settle an old score for The Rock after losing the coveted Jack Reacher role to him in 2012.

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Dwayne Johnson Playfully Mocks Himself During the Filming of Rampage

Tom Cruise, one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood history and the individual credited with rescuing the theatrical distribution business, knows how to handle criticism. His lack of response to the audience’s fascination with his unique running style allows fans to freely engage with the subject without fear of consequences. While trolling him may have been amusing for Dwayne Johnson, there’s nothing quite like poking fun at oneself to uplift the atmosphere and amuse fellow cast members, the crew, and, of course, the fans.


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Dwayne Johnson in Rampage

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Expressing admiration for Brad Peyton’s work on Rampage and offering his support, Dwayne Johnson shares the special bond he has developed with the director over the past decade, spanning three movies including Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012), San Andreas (2015), and Rampage (2018). He highlights their shared philosophy of hard work, aiming to take the audience on an unforgettable and enjoyable journey through their films. However, in a light-hearted manner, the actor also humorously refers to himself as the “lazy asshole” while praising Brad Peyton as a good friend.

Rampage is based on a popular video game and achieved a respectable box office performance. Starring renowned names such as Naomie Harris and Malin Åkerman, the film currently holds a 51% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and grossed $428 million worldwide. Rampage is available for streaming on Apple TV+ and Hulu.

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