• July 24, 2024

Danny Williams gracefully transitioned from his memorable knockout encounter with Mike Tyson to engaging in the realm of white collar boxing at the age of 49.

British heavyweight Danny Williams has sustained his professional boxing journey for an impressive 28 years, capitalizing on his historic triumph over Mike Tyson. In a surprising upset in 2004, the 49-year-old displayed his remarkable skills by defeating the former undisputed champion Tyson. Williams’s victory reverberated throughout the boxing world, showcasing his prowess without resorting to any form of aggression.


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Despite the revelation that Mike Tyson was under the influence of recreational drugs during their fight, it hasn’t deterred Danny Williams from accepting numerous bouts across Europe since losing his UK license in 2011. Interestingly, each of these fights somehow relates to Tyson in some way.

Even though nearly two decades have passed, the offers to fight keep pouring in for Williams, even as he approaches the age of 50. Remarkably, he competed professionally twice in 2022.

Unexpectedly, Williams has now decided to return to his home country for a white-collar boxing match, granting him the opportunity to compete in the United Kingdom once again.

DKM Plush announced this event on New Year’s Day, but many boxing enthusiasts expressed their concerns about Williams venturing into another form of combat.

Despite his age and 32 losses, these factors seem insignificant when it comes to promoting a profitable event.


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Danny Williams, with great anticipation, will be making his long-awaited return to London. Furthermore, the recent announcement unveiled the identity of his formidable opponent.

The statement read, “Esteemed former professional heavyweight Danny Williams is set to face off against one of the most respected and skilled heavyweight boxers on the current circuit, Jon DP Shaw. This highly anticipated showdown will take place on Friday, 24th March, marking a momentous occasion as it becomes the largest white collar boxing event ever hosted at the Indigo o2.”

“Having engaged in memorable battles against renowned fighters such as Vitali Klitschko, Derek Chisora, Audley Harrison, Julius Francis, and notably achieving a victory against Mike Tyson, Williams is poised to make his debut under the DKMPLUSH banner. He will go toe-to-toe with one of the most accomplished white collar boxers in the United Kingdom.”


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Jon Shaw, with an impressive background, has previously sparred with Fabio Wardley, the current British heavyweight champion. In an interview with the Worcester News, Shaw shared his thoughts on sharing the ring with a revered British boxing legend.

“I hold a strong belief in my abilities. Danny Williams is a prominent figure in the sport, and he expresses his desire to secure victory. Personally, I don’t experience nerves. While this is a significant event, I thrive in such circumstances. It genuinely excites me,” expressed Shaw.

“My primary objective is to bring recognition to Worcester boxing, be it through the talented fighters at our club or my own career in the ring. As always, I’m not merely here to participate. I’m here to make a significant impact.”

When discussing Williams, who faced defeat against a welterweight opponent in 2018, Shaw remarked, “Danny has faced some of the most esteemed fighters in the world. What’s more, he has emerged victorious against them! Regardless of the opponent chosen by the promoters, I am prepared to face any man. My intention remains to enter the ring with a determination to fight and emerge triumphant.”

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