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John Cena and Dwayne Johnson Rivalry: Cena Reflects on his Previous Statements Regarding The Rock

John Cena and Dwayne Johnson engaged in a spirited rivalry during their time in WWE, where these esteemed individuals passionately confronted each other, each defending their respective legacies within the company. As a dedicated wrestler at that period, Cena vehemently criticized The Rock on numerous occasions for prioritizing Hollywood over the wrestling ring. However, as time passed, Cena developed a sense of remorse for his previous remarks, ultimately expressing regret for his comments years later.


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At WrestleMania 28 in 2012, a highly anticipated match dubbed a ‘Once in a Lifetime’ showdown took place between The Rock and the 16-time world champion. Cena, who was at the pinnacle of his career during that time, took the opportunity to express his sentiments to The Brahma Bull regarding his decision to leave the wrestling ring for a career in Hollywood.

While Johnson emerged victorious in their initial encounter in 2012, the two iconic figures faced each other once more at WrestleMania 29. In this subsequent clash, the star of the Ruthless Aggression Era triumphed over the legend of the Attitude Era, resulting in both competitors raising their hands in a display of mutual respect at the conclusion of the event.


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In a remarkable turn of events, as John Cena embarked on his own Hollywood journey in subsequent years, it appears that the very things he had once directed towards The Rock have now become a reality for himself. During an appearance on the HappySadConfused podcast, the 16-time world champion candidly expressed his newfound perspective, acknowledging the hypocrisy of his past statements and recognizing his own self-centeredness at that time.

“In retrospect, I realize that I had become self-absorbed and lacked a true understanding of personal growth and considering others’ perspectives,” shared John Cena. “I had misjudged Dwayne’s comments regarding the industry as insincere, which makes me reflect upon my own hypocrisy. I still possess a deep love for WWE, yet I am unable to be present all the time. I failed to recognize this before, and for that, I am truly remorseful. It was a reflection of my own selfishness.”


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Cena further acknowledged that the grievances he held towards Dwayne Johnson should have been addressed privately rather than being publicly aired. The esteemed figure of the Cenation has since established himself as a prominent name in the world of acting, assuming numerous roles across various projects. Recently, his latest film, Fast X, graced the silver screen on May 19, purportedly marking the return of Dwayne Johnson to the franchise as well.

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