• July 24, 2024

Mike Tyson expressed his desire for a substantial sum of money, totaling half a billion dollars, in order to contend with the reigning heavyweight champion.

Mike Tyson expressed his interest in a remarkable sum of money to engage in a friendly encounter with the reigning heavyweight champion.

Tyson Fury, the WBC titleholder, disclosed the terms outlined by Tyson during a Zoom call, discussing the potential exhibition match while Iron Mike prepared for his bout against Roy Jones Jr.

“The Gypsy King” showed willingness to step into the ring with Tyson, whose name he was named after by his father John back in the 1980s.


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Despite being in the later stages of his career, Mike Tyson expressed a desire to return to the boxing ring and considered Fury as a suitable opponent for discussion.

In an interview, Fury indicated that Tyson’s interest seemed focused on a high-profile event intended to generate publicity and financial gain.

“There were discussions,” Fury revealed during an interview with iFL TV. “Mike’s team reached out to me, and we had a conversation. It was all genuine, but unfortunately, nothing came to fruition.

“However, the offer presented to us for Mike’s comeback was incredibly low,” Fury added, emphasizing that it was a meager amount in comparison.


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The proposed figure of £500 million ($620 million) was being discussed by Mike Tyson, but the official offer presented to us on paper was truly absurd and unreasonable.

ESPN did extend a $10 million offer for an exhibition fight, but it seems that everyone has since moved on from that idea.

Personally, I would have enjoyed sharing the ring with Tyson, engaging in a friendly exchange of movements. However, the outcome would have been no-win for me. If he had emerged victorious, people would have dismissed my skills because I had been defeated by a 53-year-old. On the other hand, if I had won, I would have been labeled as a bully.

Ultimately, it was a lose-lose situation, driven primarily by financial motives. I had no real need to face a competitor past his prime.

Instead, I chose to have rematches with Deontay Wilder, triumphed over Dillian Whyte, and, more recently, defeated Derek Chisora once again.

In contrast, Tyson has not pursued any further fights or shown any indication of having another event in the pipeline since his exhibition match with Jones.

Although training videos occasionally surface, there is no genuine indication that Tyson intends to participate in another exhibition.

His initial attempt garnered 1.5 million sales and secured a spot in the Top 10 United States Pay Per Views. However, his experience with Triller left a negative impression on Tyson and soured his enthusiasm for future collaborations with them.

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