• July 25, 2024

The plump stray dog brings amusement to all the neighbors, yet sadly, her suffering goes unnoticed by everyone.

A loyal stray dog named Bolinha eagerly anticipates being fed by kind passersby, unaware that her desperate hunger makes her a target for ridicule.

Bolinha, as she is affectionately called, was left behind at a remote gas station along a rural road in western Brazil.

For years, she endured a life of destitution on the streets, relying on the generosity of drivers who stopped to refuel. Unfortunately, rather than showing concern for her well-being, many people regarded her with apathy, providing only meager scraps from the cafeteria.


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The imbalanced diet took a toll on the 9-year-old dog, gradually leading her to a concerning state of morbid obesity. Regrettably, no one paid heed to her dietary needs.


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At this stage, numerous locals would visit the area solely to encounter the renowned “ball dog,” yet unfortunately, none made an effort to extend assistance to her.


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Bolinha became quite a noteworthy sight in the community, drawing attention due to her considerable size. Many found amusement upon seeing her and enthusiastically took photographs to share on social media platforms.


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Furthermore, his overall health condition was far from satisfactory. The sweet girl yearned deeply for affection and love.

One fateful day, overwhelmed by the constant mockery, the dog retreated to a nearby junkyard, where she succumbed to despair and ceased all movement.

Fortunately, a group of compassionate animal activists from a neighboring town witnessed her plight and were moved with compassion, prompting them to step in and offer their help.


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They provided her with what could possibly be her first-ever bath, which she wholeheartedly relished. In that moment, she felt a sense of security she had never known before. Her longing was not for sustenance, but for love and care.

Despite his progress, it was necessary to manage his weight carefully to ensure a long and healthy life ahead.

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