• July 24, 2024

The unbeaten Mike Tyson doppelgänger presents a considerable challenge in the heavyweight division.

Lenier Pero, a Mike Tyson lookalike, is steadily climbing the ranks in the heavyweight division after a successful amateur career.

It appears that Cuba has a promising future world champion in the heavyweight category, someone who could potentially challenge the top athletes in the coming years.

Pero’s focus is now on establishing himself in the United States, following his signing with Warriors Boxing last year.

Without resorting to violent language, it’s worth noting that this 30-year-old athlete has achieved impressive results, including five knockout victories in eight professional fights since 2019. Additionally, he has remarkably won ninety amateur bouts.

Pero’s optimism is fueled by his victories over esteemed opponents such as Erislandy Savon, having defeated him three times, and current professional Frank Sanchez, whom he has bested five times while competing in amateur competitions.

Supported by the backing of Warriors Boxing, Pero is poised to gain invaluable experience and shine in prominent boxing events held within the United States.


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Lenier Pero, who strikingly resembles the legendary Mike Tyson in his youth, is worthy of mention.

It’s worth noting that he has already earned a spot in the top fifteen rankings of multiple recognized boxing organizations.

Pero is prepared and eager to face the upcoming challenges.

Expressing his optimism, Pero shared, “My career is poised to take another positive turn. It’s common knowledge that if you aspire to succeed in the boxing world, fighting in America is essential.”

“I have made considerable sacrifices, leaving behind my loved ones and friends in my home country, but this is the path I have chosen,” Pero added.

With his sights set on the United States, Pero is determined to put in extra effort and become the best version of himself. He enthusiastically embraces the next chapter of his life’s journey.


Pero-Faust results: Lenier Pero claims eighth-round TKO [VIDEO] -  DraftKings Nation


Manager Jesse Rodriguez has also introduced Yoelvis Gomez and Geovany Bruzon to the attention of Leon Margules, further expanding their prospects.

Rodriguez eagerly anticipates witnessing the growth and progress of all three fighters.

Expressing his satisfaction, he stated, “All three of these fighters possess exceptional qualities, and we are delighted to have joined forces with Warriors Boxing.”

“With Leon Margules and Luis DeCubas Sr., who boast extensive experience in the boxing industry, I have complete confidence that they will guide my fighters to the pinnacle of success.”

“These individuals are youthful, driven, and possess an unwavering desire to become world champions. Once we establish ourselves in America, there will be no stopping us.”

Margules firmly believes that they have discovered three remarkable talents who should not be held back.

“Fighters of this caliber, with extraordinary abilities, emerge only once in a lifetime. Moreover, our strategy involves propelling them swiftly against formidable contenders, just as we are doing with David Morrell.”

Keep an eye on the name Lenier Pero. It won’t be surprising to witness him hold a legitimate world heavyweight title in the near future.

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