• July 24, 2024

Unveiling the Mastery: Tony Jeffries Illuminates How Mike Tyson Creates Unmatched Force in His Punches

It’s widely known that Mike Tyson possesses remarkable punching ability, making him one of the most formidable fighters in boxing history. Remarkably, he continues to possess a considerable amount of that power even today.

Tyson’s ability to effortlessly knock out his opponents with flair and style elevated him to the status of a legendary figure—a reputation that endures in the present era.

Tony Jeffries, a former Olympic bronze medalist for Great Britain in 2008 who retired in 2012 due to injuries, recently discussed the captivating phenomenon that is ‘Iron Mike’ with Men’s Health.


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“As you may have observed, he had a unique way of moving, constantly evading his opponents’ attacks,” commented Jeffries.

“Reason #1: Maintain his opponent’s uncertainty. It’s evident that remaining stationary in the boxing ring is not a winning approach. However, Tyson’s distinctive side-to-side movement, almost resembling a graceful sway, set him apart from other fighters of his time.

“When he moved in this manner, he transformed into a mobile target, making it more challenging for his opponent to successfully execute and land punches,” explained Jeffries.


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“Reason #2: Dodging punches. Additionally, Tyson demonstrated an extraordinary skill in evading his opponents’ strikes. In an instant, he could rely on his lightning-fast reflexes to swiftly maneuver away from incoming punches.”

“Reason #3: Power distribution. Now we delve into the most significant observation.

“While evading punches, Tyson effectively shifted his weight to the opposite foot,” explained Jeffries. “By transferring the weight to my front foot, for example, I could generate substantial force for a powerful left hook, utilizing the full weight behind the punch.”


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“But by shifting to the right, you can always follow through with a significant right hand,” Jeffries concludes the short video segment. He then proceeds to demonstrate on the punching bag, showcasing one of his preferred combinations from his professional boxing career. “As you can observe, that punch carries maximum power,” he concludes. “Although it doesn’t quite match the sheer force of Mike Tyson.”

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