• July 24, 2024

What is the price of an F-22 Raptor?

Have you ever been curious about the price of an F-22 Raptor? If so, you’re definitely not alone in your curiosity. The cost of this aircraft is quite remarkable, as are its capabilities. However, do these capabilities justify the overall cost of the F-22? Let’s explore further.

The F-22 is undeniably a high-priced aircraft.


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Indeed, the production of the fifth-generation fighter, the F-22, was halted by the U.S. Air Force due to the escalating costs involved. The estimated cost of a single aircraft is approximately $334 million, which encompasses both research and development (with a unit cost of $150 million). Initially, the Air Force intended to manufacture 700 F-22s, but they had to terminate production before reaching 200 units as they had already exceeded their budget.

As for the operational expenses, the flight cost per hour for an F-22 is approximately $70,000.


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The F-22 has faced some critique regarding its cost and specialized nature, leading to debates about its practicality for the US Air Force. Nevertheless, it has established itself as an unrivaled aerial superiority platform. Production of the F-22 fleet ended before reaching the initial target of approximately 700 units, primarily due to budget limitations. Presently, there are only 183 F-22 aircraft in service. However, maintenance and modernization efforts are anticipated to persist throughout the thirty-year lifespan of these jets.

Regarding the F-22, what is the price per flight hour?


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The high cost associated with the F-22 Raptor has been a subject of criticism. According to a report by TIME Magazine in 2013, the hourly operating cost for the F-22A was reported to be $68,362. Although substantial, it is not the highest among military aircraft. For instance, Air Force One was listed at $161,591 per hour. So, what does this figure encompass? It covers the expenses related to ownership, including modifications throughout the jet’s lifespan. In 2014, the F-22 fleet required more than 40 hours of maintenance for every flight hour. It appears that as the fleet has aged, the maintenance demands have significantly increased. The estimated lifecycle cost for a single F-22 Raptor is approximately $334 million.


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With an estimated price of $150 million per F-22, one may wonder about its expected lifespan. According to Lockheed Martin, the F-22 is designed to endure for at least 40 years, potentially even longer. However, the Government Accountability Office projects that the total cost of maintaining and operating the F-22 fleet over its lifetime will reach nearly $60 billion dollars.

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