• July 24, 2024

Intriguing Encounter: Mike Tyson’s Intense Warning Leaves Michael Jordan Eager for Safety

There was a period when MJ wasn’t the center of attention in discussions about athletes.

At that time, Jordan had yet to make his mark in the NBA Playoffs, while boxer Mike Tyson was enjoying the pinnacle of his career.

The two crossed paths at a social gathering in 1988, during which an altercation almost occurred between Jordan and Tyson over Robin Givens, Tyson’s former spouse, as mentioned by Tyson’s co-manager Rory Holloway.


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During the gathering, Mike Tyson was seen enjoying his preferred beverage, a Long Island Tea, which seemed to loosen his inhibitions. Anticipating the potential outcome, I discreetly requested the server to dilute his drinks. At one point, Tyson’s gaze locked onto Michael Jordan across the table, and he began expressing his suspicions. “Hey man, do you think I’m foolish? I am aware of your involvement with my former partner,” he stated. Jordan’s reaction was that of utter shock, resembling someone who had just witnessed a specter. Tyson continued, “You can confess to me.” It was evident that Jordan was eager to escape the situation, his intention clearly to distance himself entirely.

Mike then turned his attention to Ditka, expressing his opinion about the intimidating demeanor the latter projected. Addressing Dent, he remarked, “Are you all afraid of this man, Richard, with his racist remarks? He’s nothing. Will you allow him to speak that way?” The atmosphere became rather chaotic that night, with Don King attempting to divert the conversation. My colleague John and I made efforts to restrain Mike, while he openly declared his intention to confront Jordan physically. Jordan, impeccably dressed as always, couldn’t leave the scene quickly enough.

It was an exceedingly close call for Jordan, as there is little doubt that Mike Tyson would have carried out his threat if given the opportunity. The trajectory of NBA history could have been altered significantly had Tyson indeed landed a punch on Jordan that fateful night.


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Michael Jordan’s Remarkable Year of 1987-1988

The 1987-1988 season stands out as one of the most exceptional periods in Michael Jordan’s illustrious career in terms of individual statistical achievements. Although it wasn’t the year he would claim an NBA Championship, as that milestone was yet to come, Jordan’s performance during the regular season was nothing short of extraordinary.

Throughout that season, Jordan not only secured the MVP award but also earned recognition as the Defensive Player of the Year. Additionally, he dominated the scoring charts, clinched the NBA All-Star Game MVP title, emerged victorious in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, and even claimed the steals title. The collection of accolades he amassed was truly remarkable.


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Jordan concluded the season with impressive statistical averages of 35.0 points, 5.5 rebounds, 5.9 assists, 3.2 steals, and 1.6 blocks per game. Notably, MJ exhibited remarkable shooting accuracy, with a field goal percentage of 53.5% and a free-throw percentage of 84.1%. Additionally, he showcased his durability by leading the league in minutes played.

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