• July 25, 2024

The Unstoppable Phenomenon: Mike Tyson’s Remarkable Speed and Precise Jab Demonstrated in Battle with Eddie Richardson

Eddie displayed commendable boxing skills, utilizing his significant height and reach advantage to employ a stick-and-move strategy.

Tyson, on the other hand, found this approach to be advantageous. He expertly timed his jabs, slipping inside and launching fast, aggressive movements. As a result, the taller opponent was constantly forced to retreat while throwing punches, diminishing their own punching power.

From a tactical standpoint, every move made by Prime Tyson served a purpose, highlighting his strategic brilliance.

It’s worth noting that Eddie’s height was only one inch shorter than that of Deontay Wilder, and they weighed approximately the same. Any individuals who argue that Tyson couldn’t compete with today’s heavyweight boxers during his prime would be well-advised to reconsider their stance.


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Iron Mike would have maintained an undefeated record until his late 20s or early 30s if he had remained fully dedicated to his profession. Without a doubt, he was the dominant force of his era, surpassing all others, and quite possibly reaching a level comparable to Ali. In the video, we witness his humility and kindness following the fight, attributes that he seemed to lose in the presence of negative influences. Here’s to the continued success of Mr. Iron Mike.

My introduction to Mike Tyson likely occurred through the George Michael sports program. Shortly thereafter, he had his inaugural title fight, marking the start of his remarkable career!


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Wow! Mike was an incredibly talented individual! It’s hard to understand why anyone would willingly step into the ring with him. His punches were so powerful that they could lift people off the ground! In his younger days, he would even help opponents up from the canvas with the referees… impressive!

“We are about to witness a captivating match where Richardson will make use of his height and reach advantage!” And just like that, Richardson succumbs to Tyson’s very first punch! Haha, what a surprising turn of events!

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