• July 25, 2024

Mike Tyson and Bob Sapp express interest in a potential matchup between them.

Super heavyweight sensation Bob Sapp has extended an invitation to former boxing champion Mike Tyson for an impressive exhibition match. Sapp, a renowned kickboxer and MMA star, with a remarkable talent that leaves audiences in awe, kindly urged Tyson to consider his proposal.

Addressing his supporters through various platforms, Sapp declared Tyson as his preferred opponent in a clash of legendary figures. “Mike, we’re all aware of our previous discussions about this fight,” Sapp conveyed. He further mentioned, “I sent you a photograph along with this message: ‘Mike, if you agree to fight me, it will be a test of strength and skill.’ That sentiment still stands true.”

Continuing with his message, Sapp presented a new challenge to Tyson. “Now, as for you, Mike, here’s what I propose,” Sapp stated. “Since you have stopped evading, please listen carefully. It’s you, me, and two of my finest fighters against two of your top contenders.”

Sapp emphasized that they would adhere to the esteemed Marquess of Queensbury Rules, promoting fairness and integrity. “Because I believe you fear a one-on-one encounter,” Sapp added. “I am prepared to face all of you, my dear pugilists. I have respect for you, Michael. I truly do.”

Concluding his message, Sapp reiterated his challenge while acknowledging the disparity in age. “Fight me, or fight my crew,” he concluded in a friendly tone.


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Despite the significant stature of Sapp, who weighs over 300 pounds, it should be noted that Tyson remains an impressive individual, as emphasized by Joe Rogan during a friendly conversation on his podcast.

“Mike Tyson is a solid, 220-pound force to be reckoned with,” Rogan mentioned. “Even at the age of 55, he maintains his physique with the help of various dietary supplements. They even use specialized techniques like muscular electrical stimulation for him.”

Tyson’s enduring popularity is evident, as discussions about him facing younger opponents still persist. It’s quite remarkable.

The anticipated clash between Tyson and Sapp was initially planned almost two decades ago, during which time they had an infamous encounter inside the ring.

More recently, talks resumed between the two parties two years ago, until Tyson ultimately signed an exhibition agreement to face Roy Jones Jr.

Despite the exhibition showcasing somewhat diminished skills, it attracted an impressive number of over one million Pay Per View purchases.

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