• July 23, 2024

After Dwayne Johnson established the foundation, James Gunn confirms the possibility of a friendly Marvel/DC crossover occurring “in approximately 10 years.”

When comparing the worlds of comic books, Marvel and DC Comics emerge as two of the most well-known and popular options. Superheroes from both worlds joining forces or engaging in exciting confrontations is something that fans of both universes have long desired.

A crossover between Marvel and DC has always appeared like an ambitious aspiration, but recent remarks from James Gunn suggest that it may not be as implausible as we previously believed.

James Gunn Envisions a Collaboration Between Marvel and DC


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Before James Gunn considered a Marvel/DC crossover, actor Dwayne Johnson, who portrays Black Adam, generated attention with intriguing remarks about the possibility of a DC versus Marvel conflict. During a conversation with iHeartRadio, he emphasized the greatness of both entities. The actor also expressed his enthusiasm for a “Harley Quinn and Groot movie.”

“I would really be happy to do a Harley Quinn and Groot movie, that would be exciting for me. Not only have I thought about that, but I’ve actually talked about that to the heads of both Marvel and DC. They know everybody’s open to everything, but whether anything would ever happen, who knows?”

However, since different companies own Marvel and DC, there could potentially be a significant obstacle to a crossover between the two franchises. Disney owns Marvel, while Warner Bros. is responsible for DC Comics. This means that if the two universes were to collaborate, it would require a lengthy and likely contentious negotiation process.

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The fact that Marvel and DC exhibit distinct tones and aesthetics presents a challenge. Marvel films are typically characterized by lightness and humor, while DC films lean towards seriousness and darkness. It would require a talented creative team to successfully merge these two universes in a manner that satisfies the fans.

Additionally, considerations must be given to the legal and economic implications. Prior to a Marvel/DC crossover becoming a reality, various licensing agreements and intellectual property rights would need to be resolved.

For decades, fans have harbored dreams of a Marvel/DC crossover, speculating on how it would come to fruition and which characters would participate. Despite the fervent desires of their fans, the two comic book powerhouses have never collaborated on a feature film. However, recent statements from James Gunn indicate that this may soon change.

A Marvel/DC Crossover on the Horizon in Approximately 10 Years


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Director James Gunn, who has worked on films for Marvel and DC, has dropped hints about a potential crossover between the two franchises. Gunn mentioned in an interview with Deadline Hollywood that it would likely take “about 10 years” before a Marvel and DC crossover could come to fruition.

“I think that it would look like something that would be happening in about 10 years. Not today. Because we have a whole bunch of other DC movies we need to tell. But yeah, I think it could be cool.”

Gunn’s comments are encouraging as they demonstrate that both studios are open to considering the possibility of a crossover. What could fans hope to see if a Marvel/DC crossover occurred? While any outcome is theoretically possible, some are more likely than others.


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To begin with, we can anticipate an encounter between some of the most well-known heroes from both universes. Imagine the clash between Superman and Thor or Batman and Iron Man. Epic battles like these are what fans have been eagerly awaiting.

Some of the heroes from each universe may unite their forces. The Justice League and the Avengers could form an alliance to defeat a common foe. The Dark Knight and the Web-Slinger could also collaborate to solve a crime in Gotham City.

A crossover could take various forms. Something akin to the Amalgam comics, which merged elements from both universes to create new characters, is a distinct possibility. Alternatively, we could witness a comedic crossover between the characters of the two worlds.

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