• July 23, 2024

As Messi prepares for an incredibly expensive marketing venture that will feature his encounter with Cristiano Ronaldo, PSG finds themselves in a challenging and chaotic situation.

Paris Saint-Germain finds themselves in a state of astonishment with the arrival of Messi, the world’s finest player.

Considering the significant financial investment made by the PSG owners, they now face the potential of rival oil state Saudi Arabia securing his services with a rumored £522 million contract.


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Karren Brady provides exclusive contributions to Sun Sport.


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Lionel Messi faced a suspension and financial penalty from PSG due to his recent trip to Saudi Arabia, as reported by PA.

PSG now faces the potential loss of Lionel’s contributions, which could impact their participation in competitive European football. The team he may join is based in the modest Saudi Pro-League, opting for the desert sands instead of the allure of cities like Paris, Milan, or others yet to be revealed to the media. The anticipated rematch in Riyadh between the Argentinian star and the determined Ronaldo, who receives a relatively modest annual salary of £174 million from Al Nassr, holds significance for the Saudi capital.

Undoubtedly, this event would be promoted with great enthusiasm in Saudi Arabia, much like the magnitude of the World Cup hosted by Qatar last November. The Saudi royal sheikhs were not pleased with Qatar’s successful bid for hosting the controversial FIFA event, especially considering reports of alleged mistreatment of workers from the Indian subcontinent.

However, the possibility of witnessing a rematch or two of the widely publicized Ronaldo-Messi encounters may have given the irritated Saudi sheikhs a sense of satisfaction, reminiscent of the notion that revenge, like their popular traditional cuisine, is best served cold.


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Whether the participation of two players aged 35 and above in what could be seen as a highly expensive promotional event rather than an exhilarating football spectacle owes its appeal more to abundant oil resources than genuine public demand is a question worth considering.

Former champions and multiple Ballon d’Or winners don’t simply vanish, they gradually fade away.

PSG has been the major casualty thus far, as their pursuit of a Champions League title has been as frustrating as Frank Bruno’s quest for the world heavyweight belt.

Initially, PSG’s Qatari owners must have believed that acquiring Messi, Neymar, and Kylian Mbappe, arguably the three best attacking players in the world at that time, would guarantee European glory. However, perhaps they had an excess of talent and should have focused on bolstering their defensive options. Unfortunately, this guarantee turned out to be nothing more than empty words.

Now, Neymar appears to be on his way elsewhere, potentially to the Premier League. The fact that Messi, the captain of the world champions, recently visited Saudi Arabia as part of a promotional trip, leading to his ban and fine from PSG’s owners, indicates a possible transfer scenario rather than mere discussions about the country’s tourism potential.

In any case, Neymar seems determined to take his exceptional ball control and occasionally unpredictable temperament elsewhere.

Likewise, it seems that Messi is also contemplating what could be the final move of his illustrious career.

As for Mbappe, it is uncertain whether he will remain in the French capital, as his decisions tend to be difficult to predict.


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Qatari citizens are currently engaged in a significant financial struggle with Brit Sir Jim Ratcliffe, as they negotiate to pay substantial sums to the Glazers, who have intentions to finalize their involvement at Manchester United before returning to the United States.

Given these circumstances, I can’t help but question the wisdom of allowing citizens from one country to acquire control over two major European clubs.

The potential owners of Manchester United, similar to those at Newcastle, insist that they are completely separate entities, but doubts linger.

These doubts would become even more prominent if Manchester United were to face PSG in a future Champions League match.

In my opinion, it would be prudent for FIFA and UEFA to contemplate whether fairness, both in terms of sporting conduct and acquisition practices, should be incorporated into new regulations.

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