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Reconciliation and Redemption: Mike Tyson’s Heartfelt Apology to a ‘Born-Again Christian’ Following 35 Years

Mike Tyson had an impressive winning streak of twenty-seven victories, culminating in his triumph over Jamaican boxer Trevor Berbick to claim the world championship title.

Out of these twenty-five wins, Tyson achieved remarkable knockouts in all except for two occasions. One of these instances was his fight against Mitch Green on May 20, 1986, where the match went the full distance.

Standing at an imposing height of six feet and five inches, Tyson’s nickname “Blood” reflected both his challenging upbringing in the troubled neighborhoods of Brooklyn and the resilience he developed as a result.


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In a friendly encounter between Mike Tyson and Mitch Green in Harlem in 1988, the conversation began with Yayo asking Tyson how he managed to handle a substantial amount of money at such a young age during the eighties. Tyson admitted that he struggled with knowing how to handle such wealth.

As he elaborated on how he utilized his earnings, DJ Whoo Kid asked an interesting question, saying, “It’s amusing, but back then, Eminem didn’t have a clear understanding of the value of money. Did you face a similar challenge, where you didn’t truly comprehend its significance?”

Mike Tyson responded, “I didn’t place much value on it because what I was doing didn’t feel like work to me. I enjoyed it so much that I would do it for free, even without the substantial earnings.” At that moment, Yayo chimed in, mentioning the eccentricity of Mitch Green. He asked, “Is that individual still alive?” ‘Iron’ Mike swiftly apologized, saying, “I deeply regret saying that.” Whoo Kid burst into laughter, and Yayo assured Tyson that there was no need for him to apologize.


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Tyson later mentioned that Green underwent a transformation and embraced the path of a born-again Christian. Whoo Kid couldn’t help but comment, “Yeah, he got the best of him.”

Following their initial encounter in 1986, Mitch Green and Mike Tyson unexpectedly crossed paths again. However, it was not for the purpose of a rematch. Instead, the two encountered each other on the streets of Harlem in 1988.

According to reports, Green was displeased with promoter Don King for inadequate compensation. Thus, he confronted Tyson, who happened to be visiting a clothing store to purchase an $850 jacket. This confrontation escalated into a fierce altercation, resulting in significant injuries for Green. His left eye was swollen shut, and he sustained a cut on his nose.


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According to reports, Mike Tyson believed that he had severely harmed the individual, but fortunately, no such tragedy occurred. However, he did suffer consequences from the altercation, including a fractured right hand.

As a result of this injury, Tyson’s scheduled fight against British boxer Frank Bruno had to be postponed until February 1989.

Approximately one year after his bout with Bruno, Mike Tyson experienced his first defeat in his professional career against Buster Douglas. Consequently, he also relinquished his undisputed championship title.

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