• July 24, 2024

With a sense of anticipation, a dog, left behind by its owner and injured by a vehicle, rests on the ground, unable to rise.

I received a phone call seeking assistance for a canine that suffered severe injuries, rendering him unable to stand. Despite attempting to walk, he stumbles and falls. His condition is distressing, and the cause remains unknown.

Upon examination at the veterinary clinic, it was evident that the dog was wet, as if he had been immersed in water. We promptly sought medical attention, and it was discovered that he had a low fever of 37 degrees.


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The poor pup is quenching her thirst, showing signs of dehydration, and has numerous wounds on her body. The compassionate veterinarian administered soothing fluids, and I have blankets and a thermophore ready in the car to provide comfort.


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I am providing her with warmth and comfort. She has deeply saddened me, and my utmost desire is for her to survive and thrive. It appears that she may have been involved in an accident, potentially being struck by a vehicle, which is likely the cause of her condition. Additionally, there are distressing reports that she was thrown into a river.

I am steadfastly remaining by her side, wholeheartedly wishing for a miracle. Her name is Dara, and I kindly request your prayers for her.


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Furthermore, it was evident that she had an owner, indicated by the presence of a collar mark on her neck. It is disheartening to contemplate the kind of individual who could discard an elderly dog in such a callous manner. It is highly likely that she has endured a lifetime of being tethered to a chain.

Fortunately, there is a glimmer of improvement in Dara’s condition. She has shown an appetite for food and water. I am hopeful that we were able to find her in time to provide the care she desperately needs.


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After several days, the encouraging news is that she is happily wagging her tail and even willing to take short walks on her own, which is a positive development.

Following thorough examinations, it was determined that there is fluid accumulation in her lungs and around her heart. Despite her dehydration, it is not advisable to administer intravenous fluids as it could potentially strain her lungs and lead to a fatal outcome.


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After undergoing an extended period of various treatments, Dara has shown significant improvement. I am providing her with ample love and care, alongside the veterinary therapies, as this is precisely what she needs to continue her path to recovery.

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