• July 23, 2024

Rescued from a Dire Situation: A Stray Puppy Involved in an Accident, Discovered After 12 Hours in Chilly Weather, Unable to Mobilize

After a stray puppy experienced an unfortunate collision with a car, she found herself immobilized amidst the wintry conditions for a span of 12 hours. This incident occurred in a serene village located in the northern region of Alberta, Canada, leading to a severe fracture in her pelvis. Due to the freezing temperatures and her inability to move, her chances of survival appeared bleak.

Fortunately, a group of compassionate teenagers noticed her predicament and promptly reached out to the AB Task Force, a dedicated animal rescue organization. The AB Task Force, recognizing the urgency, swiftly contacted the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS).

According to AARCS, the puppy endured a distressing period of almost half a day, alone and exposed to the freezing cold, until the rescuers discovered her and brought her to SAVEvet. Her body heat had caused the surrounding snow to melt, emphasizing the desperate situation she had endured.


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The puppy, who has been affectionately named Nutmeg, expressed joy upon encountering her compassionate rescuers after they discovered her.


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As Nutmeg recuperates from her fractured pelvis, she is required to observe six weeks of rest within her crate. AARCS affectionately remarked, “During this period, Nutmeg will be showered with ample treats, affection, and gentle backstrokes!”


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Take a look at Nutmeg as she receives some well-deserved attention and indulges in delightful treats.

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