• July 25, 2024

The Heartwarming Tale of a Cat Who Escaped Imminent Danger and Discovered a Caring Family.

Animals possess innate instincts that enable them to withstand the challenging forces of nature. Certain beings, nonetheless, exhibit remarkable determination in their quest for survival.

This feline encountered a distressing situation as heartless individuals subjected it to a coating of solid material. Against all odds, the cat’s indomitable spirit and a stroke of fortune granted it a renewed lease on life.

One fine morning, while strolling towards her front entrance, Faye Richards caught sight of an exceedingly peculiar bundle positioned before her residence.

“Initially, I mistook it for a crumpled mass of brown wrapping tape that had been carried by the wind onto my doorstep,” Faye shared.

Unbeknownst to Faye, an immense surprise awaited her!

Upon inspecting the parcel more closely, she made a distressing discovery. Before her stood a feline completely encased in concrete, from its head to its paws. The cat experienced excruciating agony, as the concrete had solidified on its back and face, rendering it unable to open its eyes.


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“It was completely covering his face, solid as can be,” Faye recalled.

“He couldn’t budge an inch. He cried incessantly, trembling with intense cold,” she elaborated. Astonished and bewildered, the mother of two gently lifted the cat, her mind racing to determine her next steps.

To her surprise, the terrified ginger cat made no resistance to Faye’s approach. It was as if he instinctively sensed that this stranger was offering assistance. “Most cats would resist being picked up, but I could easily scoop him into my arms and comfort him, despite never having seen him before,” she shared.

Faye could only wish for the cat’s well-being, hoping he would recover.

Being a proud owner of three cats herself, Faye understood the urgency of the situation. She knew she had to swiftly transport the frightened feline to the nearest veterinary clinic.


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The ginger cat, later named Grant, was promptly admitted to The Vet Bristol.

During his examination at the veterinary clinic, his fur had to be completely shaved off since washing the concrete residue off was not feasible. Additionally, remnants of concrete were found in his eyes, necessitating a thorough flushing by the doctors.

As the majority of the concrete was removed from his body, the cat visibly experienced relief. However, he remained in a precarious state, not entirely out of danger.

Adam Sheridan, the veterinarian attending to Grant, had additional concerns. Sheridan worried about the potential inhalation of cement dust by the cat, acknowledging the severity of the situation if such an occurrence had taken place.


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Fortunately for Grant, there was no harm caused to his respiratory system.

Remarkably, the incident involving the concrete did not result in any significant long-term health issues for Grant. Aside from a few minor bruises and cuts, he was in good overall condition.

Grant is currently thriving and doing exceptionally well. Unfortunately, his original owners could not be identified or located.

Interestingly, despite numerous individuals asserting themselves as the rightful owners of this extraordinary cat, none of them could provide any photographic evidence or official documents to support their claims. It appeared that many were primarily motivated by the potential media attention associated with owning such a remarkable animal.


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Currently, Grant resides with Sheridan, the person who saved his life. Sheridan nurtures the hope that Grant will eventually become an enduring member of his own family.

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