• July 24, 2024

What was the reason behind Mike Tyson’s statement, “I injured my back – spinal,” in his well-known quote?

During his boxing career, Mike Tyson delivered a quote that left people perplexed for years, adding to the amusement of the situation. In a post-fight interview with Jim Gray in 2003, Tyson addressed one of the lighter moments of his career. After defeating Clifford Ettiene, Tyson made a remark about having “broken his back.” While social media wasn’t prevalent at that time, the comment still became a memorable incident for Tyson. Despite standing tall and victorious after the fight, Tyson asserted that his spine was experiencing issues. When Gray inquired further, asking about the specific area affected, Tyson humorously responded with the iconic word, “SPINAL,” attributing it to a motorcycle accident. Looking back on the clip, which has been widely shared on social media and even featured on t-shirts, Tyson chuckled when discussing it with CompuBox’s Dan Cannobio. “You know, my back has suffered from the toll of my years in the ring,” Tyson explained. “The vertebrae in my spine have endured a lot of strain and deterioration.”


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“I underwent a surgical procedure, but I struggled to articulate my situation in the precise manner I desired,” he explained, reflecting on the past incident with a hint of amusement.

He continued, “I find it quite amusing. When people asked, ‘What’s wrong, Mike?’ I jokingly responded with ‘SPINAL’.” Tyson leaned back in his seat, reminiscent of the moment.

Mike Tyson, renowned as ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet,’ made his highly anticipated return to the boxing ring two years ago, marking his first appearance since 2005. Following consecutive losses against Danny Williams and Kevin McBride, Tyson found himself at a crossroads in his career, largely due to his lifestyle outside of boxing.

However, defying expectations and displaying remarkable physical condition for his age, the native New Yorker faced off against Roy Jones Jr. The bout garnered significant attention and generated substantial Pay Per View sales, although Tyson mentioned not receiving the full amount he was owed.

Subsequently, Tyson established his own venture, the “Legends Only League,” aiming to provide fans with engaging content. Nonetheless, the initiative is still in its nascent stages, awaiting further development.

While Tyson could have continued his boxing journey for a few more years, it has now become a topic shrouded in uncertainty.

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