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“I kindly offered them advice: An earthquake specialist provided Dwayne Johnson with a reality check after The Rock claimed that a $474 million disaster movie was scientifically accurate.”

Dwayne Johnson currently stands as one of Hollywood’s most popular action stars. From films like Skyscraper to Black Adam and more, his movies primarily target commercial audiences, aiming to deliver an enjoyable experience at the theater. Therefore, it is not recommended to ponder on physics and realism while watching a Dwayne Johnson film.


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However, there was one action film for which Johnson, as well as the director, sought professional advice. It was to ensure that the project stayed rooted in realism. However, in the end, one of the scientists expressed dissatisfaction that neither of them paid much attention to his words.

Dwayne Johnson Ignored Disaster Professional for His Action Film


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Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario, and Dwayne Johnson in San Andreas

San Andreas (2015) features Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, and Alexandra Daddario in an action film that achieved global earnings of $474 million with a budget of $110 million. The story revolves around Raymond Gaines (Johnson), a Los Angeles helicopter rescue pilot, who confronts a devastating earthquake causing building collapses and tsunamis. Gugino portrays his wife, while Daddario takes on the role of their daughter.

In the movie, the earthquake spreads from LA to San Francisco, leaving a path of destruction. As a result, there are numerous visually spectacular scenes in the film. However, The Rock wanted to ensure a certain level of realism in the depicted events, particularly in terms of the earthquake’s scientific portrayal. Consequently, director Brad Peyton enlisted the assistance of earthquake scientists and seismologists from USC and Caltech.


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Dwayne Johnson in San Andreas

They reached the consensus that the events depicted in the movie were plausible. However, there was one scientist who held a different viewpoint. In an interview with LA Times, Thomas Jordan, a professor at USC and director of the Southern California Earthquake Center, stated, “I provided them with free advice, some of which they considered… but much of it they disregarded – magnitude 9 earthquakes are too large for the San Andreas, and it cannot generate a significant tsunami.”

However, Jordan wasn’t entirely dismissive. He commended the film for what it aimed to be—an entertaining action movie. Nevertheless, he reiterated that it lacked realism. He commented, “It’s a good action flick with spectacular special effects… but not realistic from a seismological standpoint.” Despite this, Johnson paid little attention to the scientist’s remarks.

Dwayne Johnson Warns of the Potential for a Severe Earthquake Striking the United States at Any Time


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Dwayne Johnson in San Andreas

In an interview with The Independent, Dwayne Johnson shared that the nation could potentially face a significant earthquake, similar to the one depicted in San Andreas. He stated, “The scientists we collaborated with affirmed that everything portrayed in the script could genuinely occur. It may sound like a movie line, but it’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when. We are already 100 years overdue.” It appears that The Rock does not share Thomas Jordan’s perspective.

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Dwayne Johnson

The Rock’s supporters, however, were skeptical of his statements. Nevertheless, they hoped that the sequel, announced in 2016, would inspire Johnson to create a movie that aligned even more closely with realistic possibilities. Surprisingly, it has been approximately six years, and there is still no sign of the sequel materializing.

The last update came in 2021 when Hiram Garcia, Johnson’s business partner, revealed that Warner Bros. remained committed to a sequel. The delay, however, was attributed to their company, Seven Bucks Productions, focusing on the development of other projects. Whether or not we will witness the release of San Andreas 2 remains uncertain.

San Andreas can be streamed on HBO Max.

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