• July 23, 2024

Mike Tyson happily joins fans in celebrating a remarkable milestone of 1.9 billion achievements and extends warm wishes of ‘Ramadan Kareem’ to his beloved Muslim supporters.

Mike Tyson’s spiritual journey has been transformative since his retirement. During his time in prison, he embraced Islam, marking a significant turning point in his life. Tyson’s unique experiences and personal choices have distinguished him from others. He regularly endeavors to visit Mecca and not long ago, he made a pilgrimage to Umrah alongside DJ Khaled. Throughout his life, Tyson has consistently identified as a devoted Muslim.

In a heartfelt gesture, Mike Tyson extends his warm wishes of ‘Ramadan Kareem’ to his Muslim fans. While Ramadan began on March 23, 2023, and concluded on April 21, 2023, Tyson’s message came a bit later during this sacred month. The essence of this auspicious occasion carries profound significance. Similarly, Tyson’s recent post emphasized the virtues of forgiveness and kindness during Ramadan, urging everyone to let go of grudges and negative emotions towards others.


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Within the Instagram post, an exquisite poster catches the eye. Positioned at its center is a calligraphic text gracefully inscribed with the words “Ramadan Kareem.” Delightful lanterns sway above, accompanied by a crescent moon gracefully adorning the lower portion. The poster presents a visually pleasing representation of the revered Islamic holy month.

Accompanying the image, Mike Tyson offers his fans valuable insights into this sacred period. His caption imparts a thoughtful message: “Every day, let us strive to become better individuals. Ramadan serves as a gentle reminder to Muslims and non-Muslims alike, encouraging the practice of love and kindness.”

Mike Tyson approaches his faith with utmost reverence, embracing a steadfast belief in the Divine. Recently, he embarked on a journey to Mecca alongside fellow Muslim boxers, although there was some disappointment among fans due to a regrettable incident involving inconsiderate filming during a prayer. The sentiments of enthusiasts are invariably uplifted when Tyson shares his contemplations on significant matters. Just recently, he expressed his distinctive perspective on God in one of the episodes of his widely followed podcast.


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Mike Tyson’s unique viewpoint on the concept of God is truly intriguing. According to him, he believes that when we soar away from the Earth in a small spacecraft and cast our gaze back upon our planet, that moment encapsulates God. To Tyson, the Earth itself embodies the divine essence. He goes on to suggest that even natural disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes can be regarded as manifestations of ‘God’. Comparing humans to insects, he likens us to plants, each following a natural cycle that eventually leads to death—a fate that befalls everyone. Tyson emphasizes that there is no need for fear in the face of mortality.

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