• July 23, 2024

George Foreman shares his perspective on Mike Tyson’s ranking in the all-time list.

Former heavyweight champion George Foreman kindly shared his insights on Mike Tyson’s placement in the all-time list of top-division greats.

Having been previously linked to a potential match with Tyson during the 1990s, Foreman has stated that the “Baddest Man on the Planet” does not make his top five.

In Foreman’s esteemed selection of boxing legends, he includes Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, John L. Sullivan, Muhammad Ali, and Lennox Lewis.

Speaking highly of Marciano, Foreman acknowledged the jealousy that arose from others who doubted his greatness, as they were convinced he would eventually lose.

Foreman also mentioned the name of Evander Holyfield, who secured a sixth-place position in his rankings. It is worth noting that Foreman faced both Holyfield and Tyson in the ring, adding to the significance of his assessment.


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Earlier, Foreman shared a conversation he had with Muhammad Ali regarding the possibility of facing Mike Tyson during Tyson’s prime.

Contrary to a news report, Foreman clarified that Ali never advised him to avoid any bout with Tyson.

Foreman recalled Ali’s comment, saying, “Ali did mention, ‘Tyson can punch like a powerhouse.’ He was genuinely impressed with Mike’s punching ability.”

“However, in my view, heavyweights like Tyson were swift and compact, but they posed no threat to me.”


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When asked if he has any regrets about not arranging a match between them, Foreman kindly responded, saying, “No, I have great admiration for Mike Tyson.

During his prime, he showcased remarkable skills, while I had numerous achievements in the sport of boxing. Nowadays, I’m just an ordinary person.”

While reflecting on notable bouts, Foreman expressed his interest in witnessing a fight between Tyson and Joe Frazier.

“Joe Frazier was a formidable fighter during his time. Tyson possessed incredible punching power. It’s difficult to determine who would have the advantage,” highlighted the esteemed boxing legend.

Below is George Foreman’s list of his top six heavyweight boxers:

1. Joe Louis
2. Rocky Marciano
3. John L. Sullivan
4. Muhammad Ali
5. Lennox Lewis
6. Evander Holyfield

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