• July 23, 2024

Mike Tyson kindly shares a health condition that occasionally hinders his ability to communicate verbally.

Recently, Mike Tyson was observed utilizing a wheelchair during his presence at an airport in Miami, FL, which raised apprehensions regarding the well-being of the esteemed former heavyweight champion.


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During a recent interview with the notable outlet Newsmax, Mike Tyson shared that he was utilizing a wheelchair due to sciatica-related challenges—a nerve condition known to cause intense discomfort spanning the back, legs, and buttocks.

“When it flares up, speaking becomes difficult,” expressed Tyson, as reported by Yahoo! Sports.

Expressing gratitude, he continued, “Fortunately, it’s my only health concern. Presently, I am in excellent spirits. My household is truly blessed, and we deeply appreciate our blessings.”

At the age of 56, Tyson made a remarkable comeback to the boxing ring in 2020, after a seventeen-year hiatus, engaging in an exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr.

Since then, Tyson has hinted at the possibility of further exhibition fights, potentially including a rematch with former adversary Evander Holyfield.

More recently, Tyson garnered attention for his response to a sparring session with Jake Paul. Notably, famed trainer Freddie Roach stated that Tyson abruptly left the session after just thirty minutes, seemingly unimpressed by the transitioned professional boxer and influencer.

In response, Paul seized upon these claims, accusing Tyson of being “afraid” to face him.

Meanwhile, Paul himself has another formidable opponent to focus on—his upcoming bout against former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, scheduled for October 29.

While a matchup between Paul and Tyson appears unlikely, the unpredictable nature of combat sports reminds us that anything can happen.

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