• July 25, 2024

A kind-hearted dog, heavily pregnant, was left alone in the snow, where she gave birth to 15 adorable puppies.

The tale of the dog, left behind and braving the snow, bringing forth a litter of 15 precious puppies, evokes a mixture of emotions, touching both our sadness and our warmth.


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It is truly challenging to comprehend the profound loneliness and expectant state of the unfortunate dog in the chilly environment. However, the sheer marvel of her giving birth to 15 robust puppies is nothing short of remarkable. This remarkable event showcases the unwavering determination and strength of motherhood.


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Introducing Tiya, a group of compassionate rescuers discovered her abandoned in the snow while heavily pregnant. Tiya exhibited a delightful friendly nature, albeit grappling with the challenges posed by her sizable belly. The anticipation of witnessing the arrival of her exquisite puppies fills us with eager anticipation.


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Following her six-day stay at the veterinary clinic, Tiya experienced a somewhat challenging night with limited rest. However, it seems that she has entered the initial stages of the birthing process, indicating that it won’t be much longer before we get to greet her adorable puppies.

Wonderful news! Tiya has successfully given birth to 15 robust and thriving puppies within a remarkable span of less than 14 hours. Among them are 8 lovely females (confirmed upon initial inspection) and 7 males (4 confirmed, 2 with a single crown, and 1 with an extra crown).

As we look towards the future, it is clear that both the dog and her puppies have an extensive journey ahead. The initial 40 days hold significant importance for the puppies’ development, underscoring the necessity for providing them with appropriate care and unwavering attention.


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Equally vital is the provision of care and support to the mother dog, ensuring her recuperation from the distressing experience of abandonment and giving birth amidst challenging circumstances.


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If you or someone you are acquainted with has the capacity to provide a nurturing home for this mother dog and her precious puppies, it has the potential to create an immensely transformative impact.

The path that lies ahead may present its challenges, yet with the appropriate care and support, this loving canine family has the potential to lead joyful and flourishing lives.

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