• July 24, 2024

The Shadows Return: Mike Tyson’s Troubling Account of Confronting a Taliban Member, Revealing Lingering Darkness

Mike Tyson’s popularity drew admirers from unexpected places, surpassing even his own imagination. The renowned “Baddest Man on the Planet” captured the hearts of fans worldwide through his exhilarating professional career and controversial personal life. However, it appears that Tyson’s fame extended to individuals he never anticipated. Undoubtedly, if any fan encountered the former heavyweight champion during that era, their foremost desire would have been to capture a moment with him.

During a recent podcast episode, Tyson shared a rather peculiar anecdote from his time in Australia. Unbeknownst to him, he inadvertently took a photo with a supporter whose affiliation with the Taliban raised significant inquiries about Tyson and his professional endeavors.


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Mike Tyson recently made a friendly guest appearance on the PBD podcast, hosted by Patrick Bet-David. During the podcast, they engaged in a discussion about Tyson’s encounter with Dale Hausner, a notorious criminal. This conversation sparked Tyson’s recollection of another peculiar incident from his past.

Tyson vividly recalled a moment when he took a photo with a supporter of the Taliban. Reflecting on this unexpected encounter, he shared, “I was in Australia, taking pictures with people, and on one side, there was an Aryan individual, while right beside me was the Taliban supporter.” Astonished by how such individuals managed to get so close to him, he turned to his team for answers. In reflecting on this unique experience, he further added, “It seems like I attract all sorts of people.”

Tyson went on to reveal, “I asked my team, ‘How did these individuals get so close to me?’ You know what they said? They simply bought a ticket.” It appears that purchasing a ticket was sufficient for a supporter of the Taliban to have a photograph taken with one of the most legendary boxers of all time. Despite his age, Tyson continues to possess his remarkable skills, leaving fans captivated by his enduring fitness.


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One of the most memorable interactions involving ‘Iron Mike’ Tyson occurred when serial killer Dale Hausner unexpectedly visited his gym, disguising himself as a sportswriter seeking an interview with the former heavyweight champion. During that period, Tyson remained oblivious to the criminal background of his guest. It was only later, upon being informed about Hausner’s history, that he found himself utterly incredulous.

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