• July 23, 2024

Could you believe it? Someone kindly lend a hand to Evander Holyfield when it comes to Mike Tyson?

Evander Holyfield, an esteemed figure in the boxing world, accepted a match against Mike Tyson and expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome, believing it tarnished his impressive boxing legacy. However, his actions following a disappointing loss to Vitor Belfort were deemed inappropriate for the sport.

During the Triller broadcast, Evander engaged in conversation with commentators, including rapper 50 Cent, who recently faced criticism for an insensitive 9/11 advertisement on Instagram. Evander claimed he was capable of continuing the fight despite being stopped in under two minutes.

It is important to convey, Evander, that participating in this fight was not a suitable decision for you. It is crucial that someone close to you advises you accordingly.

You are undeniably one of the most exceptional boxers in history, but continuing to fight is unnecessary. You have already entertained and captivated us all, deserving a well-earned period of rest and retirement.


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Instead of addressing this matter in his post-fight interview, Holyfield surprisingly mentioned Mike Tyson. What could be the reason behind this?

“I wasn’t able to recover as quickly as before. I allowed him to get too close. However, he’s formidable, and he exerted pressure on me, but I didn’t sustain any injuries.

“I’m perfectly fine. Yes, I’m still interested in facing Mike Tyson,” expressed the former remarkable champion.

Several individuals within the professional community shared their opinions regarding Holyfield’s future, though.


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AEW Wrestling star and former middleweight, Anthony Ogogo, expressed his opinion by saying, “Those responsible for organizing this fight and those surrounding Holyfield, who encouraged him to participate, should take a deep reflection upon themselves.”

“Not only is it tarnishing a once illustrious legacy, but it is also causing further harm to the mental and physical well-being of a former great champion.”

Teddy Atlas added to the discussion, saying, “In other major sports, there is a pension system in place. I wish boxing had one too, so these incredible warriors wouldn’t have to resort to what Evander did tonight.”

“There should be a 2% tax imposed on all the large promotions throughout the year, generating millions, which could be allocated to a fund for retired fighters. Even the most profit-driven promoters wouldn’t notice such a contribution.”

“Joe Louis, Ali, Holyfield—only the names change, not the outcomes or the sorrow,” he concluded.

Former world title-holder, Ishe Smith, also shared his perspective, stating, “I woke up from a nap and honestly couldn’t bring myself to watch Evander.”

“I wake up to find him getting stopped by an opponent he would have easily dominated in his prime.”

“This is why California rejected the fight, and his license was suspended in New York. Shame on Triller, shame on Florida. What a disgrace.”

It is challenging to find any disagreement with the sentiments expressed by these individuals.

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