• July 24, 2024

Exploring Differing Opinions: George Foreman vs. Skeptics – Could Mike Tyson Stage an Unlikely Return for a Championship Opportunity?

George Foreman, at the age of 45, achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history. Fast forward 26 years, and Foreman believes that 54-year-old Mike Tyson could potentially break that record.

According to Foreman, “If Tyson can attain the same level of fitness he currently possesses, regain his timing, and have all the other necessary elements fall into place, he could have a chance to compete for the title.” The legendary Hall of Famer expressed his thoughts to USA TODAY Sports in a friendly manner, stating, “With proper management, a deserving champion will come to him. And if the right opponent presents himself, Tyson has the potential to knock him out.”

Foreman’s remarks came shortly after Tyson’s return to the ring, following a 15-year hiatus from professional boxing. While facing 51-year-old Roy Jones Jr., Tyson displayed an impressive performance, showcasing his fitness and strength.

In an exhibition match consisting of eight rounds, scored by three former WBC champions, Tyson and Jones fought to a draw. Despite the friendly nature of the event, Tyson demonstrated his continued prowess in the ring.


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Foreman expressed his admiration for Tyson’s performance, stating, “Tyson looked remarkable. Truly, he did. And Roy Jones had to employ every old technique in the book to prevent himself from being knocked out.”

Foreman was astounded by what he witnessed, keeping in mind that it was just an exhibition match. He further speculated, “Just imagine if Tyson had been actively competing over the past two years. He could potentially reclaim the world championship at the age of 54 or 55.”

Foreman himself achieved a remarkable feat by defying the limitations of age in the boxing ring. In 1994, at 45 years old, he delivered a knockout blow to the 26-year-old Michael Moorer in the 10th round of their fight, securing the WBA, IBF, and Lineal Heavyweight titles.

Now 71 years old, Foreman believes that Tyson’s journey towards another title shot would likely involve at least three more fights and could span over two years. He emphasized the importance of having a competent manager to guide the selection of opponents. Foreman expressed optimism, stating, “With the right strategic moves orchestrated by a skilled manager, Tyson could swiftly rise to prominence once again.”


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Engaging in two-minute rounds at Staples Center without a live audience and facing a 51-year-old opponent may not be classified as “the grand stage.” However, George Foreman’s enthusiasm for Tyson remained undiminished.

Foreman pointed out, “What impressed me the most was that Tyson missed several shots and found himself momentarily out of position. Yet, he quickly regained his composure and got back on track. Roy Jones managed to confuse him in the first round or two, but Tyson persevered.”

Foreman found Tyson’s mental fortitude during the fight to be the most impressive aspect. Despite facing challenges, Tyson maintained his composure, even extending his support by patting Jones on the shoulder when needed.

Although Tyson’s punches mostly failed to land, he did manage to deliver a powerful uppercut.

Jones, reflecting on the experience, commented, “My jaw is still tender. Tyson has the ability to face anyone because, honestly, people will struggle to survive the initial rounds against him. Overcoming the first two or three rounds was the most difficult part. So if he catches you, you’ll encounter difficulties. I felt the impact of his punches. He remains an exceptional puncher and is capable of achieving anything he sets his mind to.”

However, Larry Holmes, a former heavyweight world champion, held a less convinced viewpoint.

“I was not impressed,” Holmes shared with USA TODAY Sports. “He couldn’t close in on Jones, and when he finally did, it turned into a wrestling match. That’s exactly what it was.”

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