• July 23, 2024

A hungry Goldendoodle, discovered in the woods, was observed consuming rocks, tinfoil, and acorns out of necessity, as it struggled to survive.

During a harsh winter, a Goldendoodle was found in the woods, facing extreme hunger and resorting to eating rocks, tinfoil, and acorns in her struggle for survival. Fortunately, a compassionate team of rescuers worked tirelessly to completely transform her life.

Upon discovering Molly, it was evident that her previously lustrous fur had become tangled and her malnourished body exposed her skeletal structure. This young dog, who had endured months in the wild, foraging for any morsel of sustenance to survive, understandably harbored fear towards humans.

The compassionate team at the Wilson County Humane Society swiftly stepped in, rescuing Molly and promptly transporting her to a veterinarian for immediate attention. Remarkably, despite consuming numerous foreign items, Molly’s condition did not necessitate surgical intervention.


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Molly’s tangled fur was gently trimmed, marking the start of her path to recovery by addressing her severe lack of nourishment. She weighed merely half of her expected weight.

The subsequent pivotal phase involved locating a caring foster family capable of offering Molly a secure and nurturing atmosphere for her healing process. With the support of the Burlington County Animal Alliance, a foster family in New Jersey was successfully found. The Traveling Fur Pet Rescue played a significant role in facilitating Molly’s transportation to her foster family.


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Even though it took Molly a few weeks to acclimate and feel at ease with the other dogs in her foster family, the wait for a permanent home was brief.

Cheryl Sgroi, Molly’s new mother, expressed to The Dodo, “My friend, Daina Collins, who fosters for the rescue, sent me Molly’s photo, and we instantly knew we wanted to adopt her. We had a trial day together, and that sealed the deal. Everyone adored her.”


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Molly, in turn, showered that love back onto her new family. She swiftly forged a connection with the children and four-legged companions, wholeheartedly embracing the affection and safety that had eluded her for an extended period.

Presently, Molly spends her days filled with boundless delight, engaging in playful activities with her newfound furry siblings, human loved ones, and an assortment of toys. It is a remarkable transformation from where she stood merely a few months ago, and it stands as a testament to the combined dedication of caring individuals who united to rescue her.


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Molly is currently savoring each and every moment alongside her forever family, who have delighted in capturing heartwarming images of her joyfully playing in the snow.

The incredible metamorphosis Molly underwent stands as a powerful testament to the profound influence of love, resilience, and the remarkable impact that can be achieved when compassionate individuals come together to rescue a life in distress.

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