• July 23, 2024

Compassionate Mother Dog Nurtures Four Charming Puppies, Overcoming Abandonment and Triumphing Over Severe Leg Injuries Caused by a Train Incident.

It’s heartwarming to witness the touching circumstances of stray dogs that have been left behind. Nevertheless, not every mother dog showcases the same remarkable bravery, strength, and unwavering commitment to her adorable pups like Si Bao.

Following a heartbreaking abandonment by her owner, Si Bao endured a tragic incident that resulted in severe hind leg injuries caused by a train. In the midst of this seemingly bleak existence, her life took a transformative turn when she welcomed four lovely and thriving puppies, who became the driving force behind this resilient mother dog’s journey.


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After rediscovering the joy of existence upon the arrival of her puppies, Si Bao regained her vitality and embraced a resilient and determined demeanor as she tended to her offspring. Despite the challenges she faced, Si Bao admirably navigated on her two front legs, keeping a watchful eye over her precious little ones.

Fortune smiled upon Si Bao when she and her family were rescued by the nonprofit organization Animals Asia, founded by the remarkable Jill Robinson, who recognized the bravery exhibited by this extraordinary mother dog. As a result, Si Bao and her beloved pups were relocated to the organization’s headquarters, offering them a fresh start and shielding them from the hardships of scavenging for leftovers near the train tracks. Among her offspring, Muddie stands as the sole survivor, a testament to Si Bao’s unwavering devotion.


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Furthermore, Si Bao has been affectionately renamed Lelly, and efforts are underway to equip her with specialized wheeled prosthetic legs, which will greatly enhance her ability to move around. Unfortunately, three out of Lelly’s four puppies succumbed to a severe fever upon their discovery by the organization, leaving behind only Muddie as the surviving member of the litter.


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Lelly is presently relishing a delightful life, serving as an ambassador for Animals Asia.

Even as a petite canine, Lelly radiates an unconquerable spirit that resists yielding to challenging circumstances.

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