• July 23, 2024

The undefeated doppelgänger of Mike Tyson poses a significant test in the heavyweight category.

Lenier Pero, a talented athlete hailing from Cuba, has emerged as a rising star in the heavyweight division, showcasing immense potential for future success.

It is noteworthy that Pero, who bears a resemblance to the legendary Mike Tyson, has been steadily making his mark in the boxing world following a successful amateur career. His dedication and skill have earned him recognition as a promising contender in the sport.

Pero’s focus is now directed towards establishing himself in the United States, where he recently signed with Warriors Boxing, a prominent organization in the boxing industry.

What sets Pero apart is not only his impressive achievements but also his commitment to a non-violent approach. At the age of 30, he has already secured notable victories, including five knockout wins in his eight professional bouts since 2019. Furthermore, he boasts an astounding record of ninety victories as an amateur.

Pero’s optimism stems from his triumphs over respected opponents like Erislandy Savon, whom he has defeated three times, and his victories over current professional Frank Sanchez on five separate occasions during their amateur encounters.

With the support of Warriors Boxing, Pero is well-positioned to gain invaluable experience and showcase his skills on a grand stage during major boxing events held throughout the United States.


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Lenier Pero, bearing a remarkable resemblance to the iconic Mike Tyson in his younger days, deserves recognition for his accomplishments.

It is worth highlighting that he has already secured a position among the top fifteen rankings of various respected boxing organizations.

Pero is fully prepared and eagerly anticipates the forthcoming challenges that lie ahead.

Sharing his positive outlook, Pero expressed, “I believe my career is on the brink of a significant breakthrough. It is widely acknowledged that if one aspires to succeed in the world of boxing, competing in the United States is crucial.”

“While I have had to make substantial sacrifices, leaving behind my loved ones and friends in my home country, I am resolute in the path I have chosen,” Pero added.

With his sights firmly set on the United States, Pero is determined to invest extra effort and strive to become the best version of himself. He warmly embraces the next chapter of his life’s journey.


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Manager Jesse Rodriguez has expanded the prospects of Yoelvis Gomez and Geovany Bruzon by bringing them to the attention of Leon Margules.

Rodriguez eagerly looks forward to witnessing the growth and progress of all three fighters.

Expressing his satisfaction, he stated, “All three of these fighters possess exceptional qualities, and we are thrilled to have partnered with Warriors Boxing.”

“With the expertise of Leon Margules and Luis DeCubas Sr., who have extensive experience in the boxing industry, I have complete confidence that they will lead my fighters to the pinnacle of success.”

“These individuals are young, motivated, and possess an unwavering desire to become world champions. Once we establish ourselves in America, nothing will hold us back.”

Margules firmly believes that they have discovered three outstanding talents who should not be underestimated.

“Fighters of this caliber, with extraordinary abilities, emerge only once in a lifetime. Additionally, our strategy involves propelling them quickly against formidable opponents, just as we are doing with David Morrell.”

Keep a close watch on the name Lenier Pero. It wouldn’t be surprising to witness him hold a legitimate world heavyweight title in the near future.

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