• July 23, 2024

Boeing intends to support the AH-64 until the 2060s to ensure its continued operation.

A wind tunnel test model was showcased at the Vertical Flight Society’s 75th Annual Forum & Technology Display.

Boeing has unveiled concept footage of a swift Apache attack helicopter during the Vertical Flight Society’s 75th Annual Forum & Technology Display, and it bears a striking resemblance.

Dubbed the Advanced AH-64 Block 2 Compound, this concept will act as a temporary measure in the U.S. Army Future Vertical Lift (FVL) program.


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Surprisingly, the advanced model doesn’t appear as technologically advanced when compared to the AH-56 Cheyenne, which took its maiden flight in 1967.

Developed from the Army’s Advanced Aerial Fire Support System program, only ten units were ultimately produced.


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Ahead of its time, the Cheyenne was a remarkable helicopter that was constrained by the technological limitations of its era.

Although the AH-64 Apache’s technology draws inspiration from the Cheyenne, the development has now completed a full circle. Along with modifications to the powerplant and controls, the weapons “wings” and 30mm chain gun have also undergone revisions.


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Featuring a rear-mounted pusher propeller, a substantial vertical fin, and an innovative engine exhaust configuration, the new Block 2 Compounds exude a sense of futurism.

As per Defence Blog, Boeing is firmly committed to ensuring the long-term capability of the Apache fleet in the highly complex multi-domain battlefield of the future, extending all the way until 2060.

At the Vertical Flight Society’s 75th Annual Forum & Technology Display, a wind tunnel test model was prominently showcased.

The new Block II Compound would enhance the aircraft’s speed to 185 knots, increase the payload capacity to 5,900 pounds for hover-out of ground effect (HOGE) during takeoff, and extend the range to 460 nautical miles.

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