• July 25, 2024

According to Ronaldinho, it would be truly wonderful if Lionel Messi were to conclude his career at Barcelona.

Footballing legend Ronaldinho, who has previously played for Barcelona and PSG, expressed his belief that it would be wonderful to witness Lionel Messi concluding his career at Barcelona. Amid ongoing discussions of a potential summer return, Messi departed Barcelona in 2021 as a free agent after the club was unable to extend his contract. He subsequently joined PSG and signed a two-year deal with the Ligue 1 champions, set to expire this summer.

Persistent rumors of Messi’s departure have circulated, with many speculating about a potential reunion with Barcelona. Several players from the club have openly discussed the possibility, and President Joan Laporta recently emphasized that the doors would forever remain open for Messi at Barça.

Now, Ronaldinho has chimed in on the topic, expressing his personal view that it would be pleasant to witness Messi’s return to Barcelona and see him conclude his career at the club that holds a special place in his heart.


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According to a statement reported by SPORT, the esteemed former Barcelona and Brazil player conveyed, “I consider myself a friend of Messi’s, and I am genuinely delighted for him. Witnessing my friends achieve their dreams brings me immense joy.

“For me, Messi stands as the epitome of greatness. My utmost desire is to witness his happiness, regardless of the location. Considering the extensive history he shares with Barcelona, it would be truly remarkable if he could culminate his career there.”

Reports suggest that Messi’s primary focus is on returning to Barcelona rather than extending his contract with PSG. However, the complexities of the club’s financial situation present obstacles to such a homecoming.

La Liga president Javier Tebas recently cautioned Barcelona about these challenges, expressing that several factors must undergo significant changes within the club for them to successfully reacquire Messi’s services.

“To facilitate Leo Messi’s return to Barcelona, numerous transformations must take place. Primarily, there must be a substantial reduction in his salary, the club needs to offload players, and other pending matters need attention. Barcelona holds the responsibility to address these issues, as the regulations will not be altered,” Tebas affirmed.

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