• July 24, 2024

Evander Holyfield still wants Mike Tyson trilogy, cites ear bite as reasoning

Former four-time world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield pursues a third fight with old rival Mike Tyson despite his aging body.

Taking to social media, Holyfield reiterated his desire to battle Tyson again, bringing up the infamous ear-biting incident from the 1990s.

Holyfield got linked to facing ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ in 2020 and for most of this year. However, a bad loss to Vitor Belfort ended any blueprint for the trilogy.

Since then, ‘The Real Deal’ hasn’t been taken seriously in his attempts to fight again, given the fact that he’s nearly sixty years old. This fact hasn’t stopped Holyfield from dropping hints via fans’ Facebook accounts.

He even mentioned the ear bite as his reasoning in the post.

Previously, Holyfield had said: “It was a pleasure bringing Tony Robbins into my world. We talked about training, family, faith, inspiration, and my plan for the future. We also talked about a potential Holyfield vs. Tyson III fight.

Adding: “Getting back in my rhythm just waiting on my dance partner now Mike Tyson to show up. Where you at?”

Even after Belfort took him out in the first round of a horrible fight, Holyfield wouldn’t let his focus get turned away from Tyson.

“I wasn’t able to bounce back like I used to. I let him get too close. But he’s strong, and he pushed me, but I wasn’t hurt.

“I’m not hurt at all. Yes, I’m still interested in fighting Mike Tyson.”

Plenty of forces inside the sport want to see something done to stop Holyfield from continually trying to get back through the ropes. Despite his greatness, he doesn’t have it anymore.

At some point, you have to say ‘no, this is not a good idea.’ Hopefully, somebody around Holyfield will have the guts to do this.


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Teddy Atlas, a former trainer of Tyson, is one of those people.

“Other major sports have a pension. I wish mine did so these great warriors wouldn’t have to do what Evander did tonight,” said Atlas after the ex-cruiserweight king lost.

“Put a 2% tax on all the large promotions during the year that gross millions put into a fund for retired fighters. Greedy promoters wouldn’t even feel it.

“Joe Louis, Ali, Holyfield, only the names change. But not the results or the sadness,” he added.

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