• July 25, 2024

Aging Beast Unleashed: Mike Tyson’s Phenomenal Pad Performance at 56 Defies Expectations

‘Iron Mike’ has been out of the ring for nearly three years, last facing Roy Jones Jr. in an exhibition bout in November 2020. That ended a 15-year retirement for Tyson. In the pay-per-view main event, the two legends fought to a draw.

Following the fight, the former heavyweight champion stated his intention to compete again. While he was linked to names such as Jake Paul and Evander Holyfield, he’s yet to compete in another exhibition bout. Instead, he’s focused on his podcast, and growing his cannabis empire. Nonetheless, he’s decided to keep himself in fighting shape.

Recently, Mike Tyson took to social media and showed a clip of himself training. ‘Iron Mike’ was seen absolutely destroying the pads with coach Rafael Cordeiro, showing that he’s still got some blistering speed and combinations in his 50s.

While he’s retired these days as a boxer, the heavyweight legend is still terrifying, even as a 56-year-old.


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Will Mike Tyson fight again? ‘Iron Mike’ discusses a potential exhibition return

Three years after his last fight, Mike Tyson is willing to return for the right fight.

In the three years that ‘Iron Mike’ has been out of the ring, he’s been linked to several high-profile fighters. Both Logan and Jake Paul discussed fights against Tyson, and Evander Holyfield offered to fight his former foe as recently as this month.

In a recent edition of his Hotboxin’ Podcast, Mike Tyson addressed the subject of a potential return. It’s worth noting that the episode took place a few weeks after the legend appeared at Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta Davis, and received a warm welcome from friends.


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The legend had also attended Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia earlier this year. On his podcast, Tyson admitted that he enjoyed being back around combat sports, stating:

“I just always wanted to be a fighter. That’s all I wanted to do my whole life was be a fighter, nothing else. I miss this stuff, I didn’t think I’d miss it until I was at the weigh-in in Saudi Arabia for [Paul-Fury]. You miss being the center of attention. I don’t know, I’m just chilling out. I did that, I wanted to do that, I did that. People also in Saudi Arabia want me to do this stuff too. I don’t know, I could be persuaded.”

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