• July 24, 2024

Yi Long challenges Mike Tyson 54-year-old, wants to use “Shaolin kungfu” to knockout Mike Tyson

On June 10th, the website Read01.com (China) published the latest statements by “First Shaolin” Yi Long regarding a potential match with the boxing legend Mike Tyson.


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According to Read01.com, Yi Long has been facing continuous online defamation and humiliation recently, particularly since his bout with martial artist Liu Nihao. Many fans criticized Yi Long, accusing him of staging fake fights to boost his reputation but never daring to face strong opponents.

Naturally, Yi Long was furious about these baseless accusations. In order to prove them wrong, Yi Long made a strong declaration about the proposed match with Mike Tyson, following the announcement of the boxing world legend’s comeback. According to the Chinese publication, this was Yi Long’s way of demonstrating his courage, asserting that he is a true warrior and not a “coward.”


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Yi Long stated, “There are now many people challenging me on the internet and claiming that I have very poor skills. Is that a contradiction or not? Why don’t they come to meet me directly to test my abilities?

I affirm that my team is still in contact with Mike Tyson’s side. If successful, it would be a great honor. I am eager to step into the ring with him. I am always ready, even if I am defeated by Mike Tyson. As long as I can step onto the stage safely and leave the arena alive, I will be satisfied. The concept of fear does not exist for me.


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The negotiation process with Mike Tyson is still ongoing. If there is a match with him, I will give more than 100% of my energy. It will undoubtedly be the biggest battle of my life.”

Addressing the curiosity of some fans about the rules of the fight if Mike accepts the challenge, Yi Long said, “As a challenger, I must respect Mike Tyson’s requirements. He will have the final say in deciding the rules of the match. Of course, I hope we can compete under free-fighting rules because if I can use kicks, I will have more opportunities.”


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Currently, it remains unclear whether Mike Tyson will accept the challenge from Yi Long. However, this scenario is not too far-fetched if Yi Long can meet the financial requirements set by Mike Tyson. If Mike Tyson agrees, it will undoubtedly be a “dream fight” for millions of martial arts enthusiasts in China.

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