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Lionel Messi invests a substantial £175,000 in purchasing 35 iPhones adorned with 24K gold plating for the entirety of the Argentina team.

After the successful fulfillment of Lionel Messi’s aspiration to win the 2022 World Cup, he pleasantly surprised the entire Argentina team. In a heartfelt gesture of gratitude, he presented each player with an unexpected and personalized gift—an iPhone coated in gold, featuring their respective names and numbers.

Following a long-awaited 36 years, the Argentina team emerged as champions in the 2022 World Cup held in Qatar. To commemorate this monumental occasion, Lionel Messi, expressing deep appreciation for his teammates, has arranged a special token of gratitude in the form of a remarkable gift.

The World Cup 2022 holds immense significance for Lionel Messi, the Argentina national team, and the entire football community.

In a generous gesture, Lionel Messi invested £175,000 in acquiring 35 luxurious gold iPhones for his World Cup-winning team and their staff. Taking personal responsibility, the Argentine superstar orchestrated the creation of these exclusive 24-carat devices, ensuring each member of the triumphant squad received one. Furthermore, he arranged for their delivery to his apartment in Paris on Saturday.


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The player’s name, shirt number, and the Argentina logo are meticulously engraved on each phone, as displayed in the photo by iDesign Gold.


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Each player’s name, number, and the Argentina logo are meticulously engraved on the gold iPhones, crafted with 24-carat perfection.

According to a source, “Lionel wanted to create something special and extravagant to celebrate his proudest moment. He got in touch with entrepreneur Ben Lyons, and they collaborated on the design together.”

Ben, the CEO of iDesign Gold, stated, “Lionel is not only the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), but he’s also one of iDesign Gold’s most loyal customers. He reached out to us a couple of months after the World Cup final.”

“He expressed his desire for a unique gift to commemorate the incredible victory, but he didn’t want the usual choice of watches. So, I suggested gold iPhones with their names inscribed, and he loved the idea.”

Argentina emerged triumphant in Qatar last year, with Messi, aged 35, being named the Player of the Tournament.


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The caption accompanying the photo proudly declares the privilege of presenting @leomessi with 35 gold-adorned iPhone 14s as tokens of appreciation for his teammates and staff following their victory in the World Cup final. (Image: iDesign Gold)

According to Ben Lyons, the CEO of iDesign Gold, shortly after the conclusion of the 2022 World Cup, Messi contacted their company expressing his desire to present special gifts to his teammates, board members, and the coach of the Argentina team. As one of iDesign Gold’s most dedicated customers, Messi’s request was met with utmost determination. Instead of opting for a conventional gift like a watch, Messi suggested adorning the latest iPhone model with 24K gold plating. The back of each phone would be engraved with the name and number of each player, along with the logo of the Argentine Football Federation and the inscription “World Cup 2022 Champions.”

The 2022 World Cup proved to be a significant achievement for Lionel Messi, the Argentine national team, and Argentine football as a whole. After a span of 36 years, the country secured their third world championship title (previously won in 1978 and 1986). This victory was especially meaningful for Messi and many of his teammates, as they finally got their hands on the championship trophy after their previous disappointment in the 2014 final.

But the accomplishments didn’t end there. Messi also claimed the prestigious “World Cup Golden Ball” award, recognizing him as the tournament’s standout player. Additionally, Emiliano Martinez earned the title of “Best Goalkeeper,” while Enzo Martinez was honored with the “Best Young Player” award.


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Messi and the “FIFA The Best 2022” trophy

During the FIFA The Best 2022 awards event held on February 28, Messi once again received recognition as the top male player globally. Emilianо Martinez attained the distinction of being named the finest goalkeeper, while Lionel Scaloni, the team manager, received the prestigious accolade of the best coach.

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