• July 23, 2024

Shift, Black Adam: This Female Avenger Surpasses Dwayne Johnson’s Massive Salary

She has successfully cleared the path, moving the rock away.

Black Adam Must Make Way: This Female Avenger Surpasses Dwayne Johnson’s Massive Salary

In the realm of television, a handful of celebrities not only enthrall viewers with their acting prowess but also demand the most substantial paychecks for their performances. From Sofia Vergara to Reese Witherspoon, top-tier actors have ventured into television and claimed the title of the highest-paid TV stars.


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Nevertheless, it is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who has consistently held the distinction of being not just the highest-paid TV star but also the highest-paid movie star for an extended period.

From receiving a staggering $50 million for Amazon’s Christmas action film “Red One” to earning $450,000 per episode for “The Titan Games” and $650,000 per episode for HBO’s “Ballers,” The Rock has indisputably demonstrated that diligent effort and dedication yield significant rewards.


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Nonetheless, the actor portraying Black Adam will soon have to share the limelight with another superhero who has the potential to surpass the legendary superhuman, not only on the big screen but also in reality. Brie Larson, who portrays Captain Marvel herself, is on the verge of becoming the highest-paid TV actress in the history of Apple TV+ with her upcoming series “Lessons in Chemistry.”


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The series has already made a significant impact, not only because Brie Larson has surpassed Dwayne Johnson’s earnings from “Ballers” by $100,000 per episode, but also because it marks the highly anticipated return of the actress to the big screen.

Based on Bonnie Garmus’ novel of the same name, the series revolves around Elizabeth, portrayed by Brie Larson, as she confronts the challenges posed by gender roles and the limited opportunities available to women in the 1950s.

After being dismissed from the laboratory, she utilizes her role as a cooking show host to promote chemistry and women’s empowerment. Through cooking demonstrations, she educates her audience about chemistry while challenging societal constraints.

Portraying a woman who defies conventional beliefs sounds like a dream role for Larson, who is actively involved in feminism and advocating for women’s rights in real life. And surpassing the highest-paid actor in a TV role to take his place seems like a well-deserved bonus for the character.

Larson’s remarkable salary of $750,000 per episode for her latest series not only highlights the growing recognition of her talent but also acknowledges the value and worth of women in the industry.

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