• July 25, 2024

Messi’s Unprecedented Privilege at Inter Miami: More than Just a Player

Even before stepping foot on the MLS field, Lionel Messi has already been granted a privilege that sets him apart from the rest.


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The successful signing of Lionel Messi is seen as a groundbreaking moment for both Inter Miami and the MLS. As the world’s greatest player, M10 is expected to provide a significant boost to the development of American soccer.

In addition to securing the services of the world’s number one superstar, Inter Miami has also offered Messi a privilege that goes beyond the pitch. According to Football Transfers, the 36-year-old’s contract includes a provision that allows him to own a stake in an MLS club.

This means that Messi could become a shareholder or director of Inter Miami or another team after his retirement. Of course, this privilege is contingent upon Messi completing his three-year contract with Beckham’s club.


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The scenario of an “outsider” arriving to play and then becoming a co-owner of a new club has only happened once in MLS history, and that was David Beckham’s case. The Manchester United legend, who joined LA Galaxy in 2007, was granted the opportunity to choose and own a club within the league. Beckham later founded Inter Miami in 2020.

This also demonstrates the MLS’s favoritism towards Messi. On the other hand, the allure of M10 will undoubtedly help the league generate more revenue, including ticket sales and broadcasting rights.

According to Vivid Seats, a prominent MLS ticket distribution company, the average ticket price for Messi’s debut match with Inter Miami against Cruz Azul skyrocketed by 1607% just one day after his arrival. Website traffic for ticket purchases also increased by 27%, and online tickets were sold out during this period.

Argentine media reports indicate that Messi will make his official MLS appearance on July 16th at Inter Miami’s Lockhart Stadium. He will have a few days to acquaint himself with his teammates before playing his first match against Cruz Azul on July 21st.

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