• July 25, 2024

What is the level of strength possessed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

This dominant force at the box office possesses the ability to support his status as an action-hero.

When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was initially touted as the successor to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the reigning action-hero in cinema, many regarded it as a mere joke. While the transition from pro-wrestler to actor presented a possibility for success on the silver screen, becoming an iconic figure seemed uncertain. The verdict was still undecided.


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Around 20 years after fully dedicating himself to Hollywood, Johnson achieved the pinnacle of stardom, consistently ranking as the highest-paid entertainer in the world.

Similar to Schwarzenegger, Johnson’s success at the box office was built upon a combination of his pre-filming persona, reputation, impressive physique, charisma, and regular displays of extraordinary physical strength.

But this raises the question: How strong is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Let’s examine the evidence below:

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Training Approach

Throughout his career as a college football player, professional wrestler, and actor, Johnson followed different training styles. During his tenure as a WWE Superstar in his early 30s, his training program focused on explosiveness and athleticism, enabling him to perform remarkable feats of strength in the ring without relying on special effects or stunt doubles.

As he transitioned into becoming Hollywood’s go-to action hero, Johnson seems to have adopted a more traditional bodybuilding approach to his training. He no longer pursues maximum weight lifts that push the limits of his one-rep maximums, and understandably so.


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Would Johnson risk jeopardizing the filming schedules of movies like “Jungle Cruise 14” or “Jumanji 11” just to satisfy his curiosity about his bench press strength? With millions of dollars and his reputation on the line, some questions are simply not worth pursuing.

Fortunately, Johnson generously shares glimpses of his training routines and regularly posts workout videos on his Instagram page, allowing us to witness the impressive strength and muscle control he possesses.

Below is a sample of one of The Rock’s workouts, specifically his back routine during his preparation for the movie “Hobbs & Shaw” in 2019, in collaboration with trainer Dave Rienzi:

Johnson and his team willingly share complete workout routines for the public to see. Additionally, his Instagram posts often showcase him pushing himself with heavy weights, such as effortlessly incline benching 100-pound dumbbells or belt-squatting over 700 pounds for multiple reps, even after an intense leg day.


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Typically, the videos shared on social media do not provide a clear indication of where Johnson is in his workout progression, the number of repetitions he performs, or the specific weights he uses. However, it is evident that The Rock’s training methods align with bodybuilding principles.

There is no observable evidence of Johnson engaging in movements like clean & jerks or swiftly maneuvering a barbell loaded with loose plates as if he were preparing for a weightlifting competition. Instead, he performs each exercise with weights that are manageable for him, targeting a rep range aimed at promoting muscle growth (hypertrophy).

So, the question remains: How strong is “The Rock”?

Although we lack concrete examples of Johnson showcasing his one-rep max lifts, we can draw upon anecdotal evidence and make some extrapolations.

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