• July 25, 2024

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Surprising Explanation for Painting His Toenails, and Why Mike Tyson Is Doing the Same

Shock reason Cristiano Ronaldo paints his toenails revealed as Mike Tyson reportedly follows suit

CRISTIANO RONALDO has made no secret of his painted toenails while on holiday this summer.

The Al-Nassr superstar has been enjoying a well-earned break with Georgina Rodriguez and their family on his £5.5million yacht in Sardinia.

However, fans could not take their eyes off Ronnie’s toenails as they appeared to be painted black.

The Portugal legend flexed his digits in several snaps, showing each toenail to be daubed in black varnish.


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But there’s apparently a reason why Ronaldo has been painting his toenails.

And even boxing legend Mike Tyson is said to do the same with his feet.

According to Bild, a Twitter user called Keewee slammed those questioning why Ronaldo was painting his toenails.

That’s because he’s doing it to protect from fungal and bacterial infections while playing in his football boots.

The Twitter user said: “Many top athletes do this to protect their nails from fungi and bacteria when they are stuck in sweaty shoes for hours.

“Even Mike Tyson. But wonderful to see how fragile masculinity is here.”



Ronaldo is known to do whatever is necessary to prolong his incredible career.

The ex-Man United and Real Madrid ace regularly uses cryogenic ice baths to speed up his recovery.

Ronnie is also a firm believer in a healthy diet, famously changing his teammates’ attitude to food after returning to Old Trafford.

And Ronaldo also loves using sleep as his No1 recovery tool, taking up to five naps a day.

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