• July 24, 2024

Joe Rogan Resurrects Mike Tyson’s Era of Unparalleled Dominance in a Mind-Blowing Retelling

During Mike Tyson’s prime years, roughly spanning from 1987 to 1990, he was a force that simply could not be stopped. His awe-inspiring performances in the ring left spectators and fellow fighters in awe. Moreover, UFC commentator Joe Rogan once expressed his admiration for ‘Iron’ Mike’s prime dominance and how he changed boxing forever.

Joe Rogan’s take on Mike Tyson’s prime dominance

In an old episode of his JRE podcast, the former Fear Factor host emphasized the sheer dominance and uniqueness of Tyson’s prime. According to Rogan, Tyson was not just another boxer but a special breed of fighter.

His explosive power and relentless aggression set him apart from anyone who had stepped foot in the heavyweight division before. Rogan described Tyson as a juggernaut, an unstoppable force that struck fear into the hearts of his opponents.



“Mike Tyson in his prime, in those years from around 87, 88, 89, 90 whatever those years were, where he was just storming the gates. I put that Mike Tyson up against anybody who ever lived. That guy was a special fighter. He was a juggernaut. You couldn’t stop him. He was a different guy. It’s like a different model of fighter we have seen in the heavyweight division. A f***ing destroyer, man. Every fight was an execution. I mean, just ferocious, destructive, accurate. Everything was perfect,” said Rogan.

While reflecting on Tyson’s prime, Rogan brought to light the exceptional qualities that made him a legendary figure in the boxing world. Additionally, while ‘Iron’ Mike’s career drastically deteriorated in the 1990s and 2000s due to many off-court issues, Rogan thinks that fighters like Tyson are not defined by their whole careers but rather by moments when they are considered to be levels above the competition. The podcast host, in another episode, mentioned the names of an MMA veteran and Mike Tyson to talk about a fighter’s prime years.



Joe Rogan once commented on BJ Penn and Mike Tyson’s heydays

In another episode, Rogan highlighted UFC legend BJ Penn’s impressive achievements, including being the first non-Brazilian to win the world Jiu-Jitsu Championship at the black belt level. He also emphasized the importance of evaluating fighters in their prime, likening Penn’s dominance during his peak to the unmatched talent exhibited by Mike Tyson. Rogan urged viewers to appreciate the greatness of fighters when they are at their best, rather than judging them during the later stages of their careers when their skills may have deteriorated.

“BJ was the motherf***er when he was in his prime. You gotta look at a guy in their prime. Mike Tyson in his prime. You gotta look at them in their prime. You can’t look at them when they’re deteriorating and say ‘Ah overall they didn’t.’ Overall, you are correct, but if you want to look at their greatest expression,” he said.

Rogan’s remarks on BJ Penn and Mike Tyson’s heydays serve as a reminder to appreciate athletes in their prime. Rogan’s emphasis on evaluating athletes at their best showcases the importance of recognizing their exceptional skills and accomplishments during their prime years. It is through these moments that fighters like Penn and Tyson truly shine, leaving an indelible impact on their respective sports.

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