• July 23, 2024

Despite Losing His $400 Million Empire, Mike Tyson Makes An Appalling Revelation

The world of boxing will always consider Mike Tyson as one of the greats, and the title is a fitting one. The legend rose from nothing to secure a reputation that is purely built on his boxing career. While today, many fighters have expanded their sources of income into various streams like content creation, endorsements, and businesses, ‘Iron Mike’ worked in his prime and earned a whopping $400 million fortune through his sport. However, Tyson’s story is about resilience, courage, and a lot of hard work.

Once the richest man in sports, Tyson got a great deal on his fights. As he dominated the boxing world in his prime, his bank balance kept getting thicker. Thanks to his promoter Don King, Tyson always had lucrative deals in his purse. However, the fighter would later go on to sue Don for underpaying him. In 2003, the fighter who spent his youth in mansions of luxury and wealth filed for bankruptcy. Probably the lowest of his career, this still did not deter him. The resilient Tyson now believes all the lows he’s faced have given him a sense of perspective.


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Mike Tyson speaks out about his bankruptcy


In a candid interview with Randy Mastronicola for Cigar & Spirits, Mike Tyson revealed that the highs and lows in his life have never disappointed him, but rather have granted him a perspective of himself. Randy asked the ex-Heavyweight champion his thoughts on why he was given a life of such turbulence. Tyson replied, “I know my journey was all divinely written to lead me here to this path, to this moment of inner peace and self-knowing. That is priceless.” Adding about the time he filed for bankruptcy, he said, “Many think it was low when I lost my money, but they don’t know I was miserable most of the time when I had money. People think money equates to happiness, but those people never really had money.”


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Further, Mike spoke about how has learned humanity and gratitude through every bit of his ups and downs. Calling the current state of his life a space of inner peace and self-knowing, the legend said he does not view his bad times in a negative sense. Well, such a point-of-view can only be taken by someone who has seen it all and is aware of the journey they have led.

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