• July 24, 2024

“I Kind of Disagree” Fans Divided as Mike Tyson Predicts Canelo Alvarez’s Fate Against David Benavidez in a Resurfaced Interview

In the boxing world, Mike Tyson, a former Heavyweight champion, is no stranger to bold declarations and hard-hitting comments. Even so, in an old interview reposted by Real Boxing Knowledge 2, Tyson’s forthright support of David Benavidez, an emerging talent, is raising eyebrows and starting unexpected conversations.

In the original interview with Fight Hub TV, Tyson gave his unwavering backing to Benavidez. His statement was unequivocal: “Benavidez! He could beat anybody. My money is with Benavidez until he gets beat. And then if he gets beat, I’m still with him.” When asked about what makes Benavidez so formidable, Tyson offered an intriguing perspective: it’s all about the attitude driven by insecurity, a trait he believes to be common among the greatest fighters.


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His most audacious claim, however, was his assertion that Benavidez could defeat the reigning champion, Canelo Alvarez“I think he beats everybody he gets in the ring with,” Tyson declared, leaving no room for doubt or interpretation. This startling prediction, laid the crown of potential victor on Benavidez against the formidable Alvarez.

Tyson’s words have sparked a question that’s echoing through boxing circles. Can insecurity really be the secret ingredient to becoming a great fighter? And if so, is David Benavidez on the path to become the sport’s next sensation?


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David Benavidez reigns supreme in the ring?


This seemingly radical prediction by Mike Tyson has set social media alight, with fans taking to Facebook to share their reactions. Among those expressing their views, a rich tapestry of opinions emerge, revealing the divisiveness of Tyson’s statement.

Jose Velez offered a balanced perspective, expressing his respect for Tyson while questioning his endorsement of Benavidez. “I don’t know, Tyson is a pretty humble guy, but I kind of disagree Benavidez can beat everyone!” he commented.

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