• July 25, 2024

Insider Reveals “Ridiculous” Facts About 50 Cent’s Regretful Purchase of Mike Tyson’s $4.1 Million Mansion

In 2007, Grammy-winning rapper 50 Cent made a choice that has been branded as “ridiculous” by his long-time friend. Shelling out $4.1 million, he purchased the sprawling 21-bedroom mansion previously owned by boxing titan Mike Tyson, embarking on a luxury lifestyle filled with grandeur and extravagance. However, beneath the glitz and glamour lay a startling reality that would make even the most hardened mogul’s jaw drop.


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Now, 50 Cent reveals the staggering losses he faced and the tremendous weight of maintaining this colossal estate. But there’s a twist to this tale – an aspect that’s as amusing as it is surprising. Yes, the mansion had a nightclub, and yes, 50 Cent did sell it for less than he bought it for. But that’s not all. Read on to discover the unexpected elements that made this mansion a regretful purchase for the multi-millionaire rapper.

Tony Yayo’s unforgettable experience at 50 Cent’s mansion


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In a recent interview with DJ VladTony Yayo, 50 Cent’s long-time friend and collaborator, shared some fascinating details about his experiences in the colossal mansion. Yayo confessed, “It was just a house that [50] was never there anyway,” hinting at the sheer size and scale of the property.

DJ Vlad noted the property’s geographical isolation, pointing out that “it’s far.” Yayo agreed, “It was in Connecticut… it was so big that you know we’d bring the party to us.” The mansion wasn’t just a home; it was an entertainment hub. It had a firing range, motorbikes, and even a club. “We had one of the biggest pools in the world in there. And we had indoor pools, outdoor pools… everything sauna, full gym,” Yayo added, painting a vivid picture of the grandeur.

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