• July 23, 2024

Sold for Measly $34 in 1987, Mike Tyson’s Nintendo Game is Now Worth Around $80,000 but Boxing Legend Has Never Played It

Ever wondered how expensive original copies of Ninetendos can get? Well, the answer is a lot. Especially if it is a game associated with a legendary personality. Sportstars have always been in pursuit of ways they can boost their brand value. Sometimes through clothing, signed accessories, and even collaborations with big companies. Mike Tyson signed one such deal in 1987 with Nintendo. The company released a game called, “Punch-out,” and struck a deal to use Tyson’s name along with it. 1987 was also the year ‘Iron Mike,’ was in the prime of his career.

Mike Tyson however did not make an appearance in the latest Punch-out series. Before a sequel could be made, Nintendo’s license with Tyson expired. Later, instead of renewing their contract with him, the company decided to replace his character with a fictional one, named, ‘Mr. Dream.’  The character had the same face but a different name now. Iron Mike’ took to Twitter to express his disappointment over the sequel.


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Moreover, a rapper friend of Tyson revealed in an interview that the ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ never even played the game.

Mike Tyson has not played the game “Punch Out”


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Rapper Tony Yayo in a recent interview with Dj Vlad revealed that the legend has never played the Nintendo game made in collaboration with him. Calling the game, “Hall of Fame of Videogames,” Yayo said, “I think I got to Tyson. I don’t think I ever beat him. I used to play Mike Tyson’s Punchout all the time but you start it off and fight him at least ten times… You know Mike never played it.”

 The two discussed the different characters of the game in detail and spoke about how difficult it was to clear Punch-out.

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