• July 24, 2024

Despite 2 Decades Old Beef, Floyd Mayweather Once Showed Respect to Mike Tyson for Inspiring Him: “He’s A Legendary Champion”

Mike Tyson, regarded as one of the most feared and respected boxers of all time, earned both fear and respect from people. However, due to the controversies surrounding his career, gaining respect from peers and fans was not an easy task. Despite this, Floyd Mayweather, who had a strained relationship with Tyson, once demonstrated his deep admiration for the boxing icon.


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During the 80s and 90s, Mike Tyson emerged as a highly promising figure in the world of boxing. Unlike other boxers, Tyson didn’t possess the conventional attractiveness, charm, or charisma. Nevertheless, he commanded the attention of fans and opponents alike through his intimidating presence. Throughout his illustrious career, Tyson achieved an astonishing record of 44 knockouts and over 50 victories.

Despite boasting an impressive record, Mike Tyson managed to stay grounded and steer clear of trouble. He often found himself embroiled in feuds with fellow boxers, including Floyd Mayweather. However, on occasions when Mayweather set aside their differences, he spoke highly of Tyson, acknowledging him as a trailblazer in the sport.

Floyd Mayweather, despite their past conflicts, expressed great respect for the youngest heavyweight champion, referring to him as a legendary champion. This appreciation from Mayweather highlights the impact and influence that Mike Tyson had, paving the way for fighters like Mayweather in the boxing world.


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“He’s a legendary champion” : When Floyd Mayweather praised Mike Tyson despite beef.

It is common for two prominent figures in the same sport to have difficulties getting along. The visible tension between Mayweather and Tyson was evident to fans. However, Mayweather’s recognition of Tyson’s impact on boxing and his own career remained unaffected.

Mayweather expressed his commendation for Tyson, acknowledging him as one of the individuals who paved the way for Mayweather’s own success. He referred to Tyson as a legendary champion and addressed the common tendency to judge Tyson, emphasizing that Tyson lived life on his own terms. Mayweather highlighted that no one can truly know how they would have acted if they were in Tyson’s position. While boxing will continue to thrive, Mayweather claimed his era to be the Mayweather era, not only referring to himself but also to the Mayweather brand. He emphasized his unique style and the importance he placed on avoiding unnecessary punishment in the sport.


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The relationship between Mayweather and Tyson can be characterized as having a feud despite Mayweather showing respect towards Tyson.

Initially, Mayweather and Tyson were acquaintances and had a relatively friendly relationship when they first got to know each other. This was around two decades ago, specifically in 2001. At that time, Mayweather’s career and personal brand were beginning to flourish, while Tyson was nearing the end of his boxing career. It’s important to note that there was no direct feud between the two fighters during their active careers.

However, tensions arose between Mayweather and Tyson when Mayweather played a role in a police raid at Tyson’s residence. This incident did not sit well with Tyson, leading to a strain in their relationship. The details and context of this incident are not provided, but it contributed to the ongoing feud between the two fighters.


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Despite Mayweather’s occasional displays of respect for Tyson and his contributions to the sport, there existed a underlying conflict or animosity between them that persisted throughout their careers.

Tyson said, “Some serious people said it. I’m good with it now… You can forgive, but you have to remember.“

Furthermore, Tyson once even claimed that he is the greatest boxer ahead of Muhammad Ali. Tyson was a big admirer of Ali and this statement really erupted a rift between the pair.

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