• July 23, 2024

Deontay Wilder criticizes Mike Tyson, saying he only defeated mediocre opponents: “Evander Holyfield defeated Tyson twice, and Lennox Lewis defeated him once.”

A great fighter like Mike Tyson still receives unfavorable comments from the younger generation.

“Iron” Mike Tyson stepped into the professional ring on March 6, 1985, at the age of 18 years and 249 days, and since then, he achieved 37 consecutive wins before his first defeat against Buster Douglas on February 11, 1990, at the age of 23 years and 226 days.


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Five years after his first loss, during which time “Iron” Mike Tyson managed to reach the pinnacle of the heavyweight division by capturing the WBC belt when he defeated Trevor Berbick on November 22, 1986, becoming the youngest heavyweight champion at the age of 22 years and 145 days.

Tyson’s illustrious career continued until he was 38 years and 246 days old when he suffered his sixth career loss against Kevin McBride, leading the living heavyweight legend to retire from boxing on June 11, 2005.


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Leaving behind a glorious career (50 wins, 6 losses), Tyson is revered by fans, successors, and the professional community. However, Deontay Wilder (37 years old, standing at 2.01 meters), a former heavyweight world champion, is not particularly impressed.

Nicknamed “The Bronze Bomber,” Wilder stated to WBN, “Of course, I love Mike Tyson. I have respect for all the pioneers who contributed great things to boxing. But I want someone to answer this question. How many great fighters did Mike Tyson really fight? To me, there are only two. Evander Holyfield defeated Tyson twice, and Lennox Lewis beat him once. Do you understand what I’m saying?”.


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But Wilder has no reason to criticize the legend, as he himself was unable to defeat Tyson Fury. In their three encounters, “The Bronze Bomber” only managed to achieve 1 draw and suffered 2 losses. Despite always claiming not to be impressed by the “Gypsy King,” observing their most recent fight on October 9, 2021, it’s clear that Wilder struggles against Fury.

To determine who is better, a specific match is needed. However, given the 19-year age difference between Mike Tyson and Wilder, they cannot stand in the same ring. To approach an answer to the question of “who punches harder,” the Worldboxingnews website states that Wilder has 42 knockout wins, while Tyson has knocked down opponents 44 times.

Their direct victory count is almost equal. However, in terms of physique, the 2.01-meter-tall Wilder has a more imposing presence, while Tyson, at 1.78 meters, may have an advantage in delivering powerful blows. Meanwhile, “Iron Mike” possesses the ability to unleash heavyweight punches at a higher speed to finish off opponents.

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